Three Must Have Free Security Apps for Android Smartphone

Security is an important aspect be it your personal computer or your smartphone. Today our Smartphone has grown so powerful that we can store all our valuable data on it to work on the go and any breach can lead to serious issues. Below mentioned are three must have security application for your Android device to make you feel more secure.

F-Secure Antitheft


I love my Android and it give me night mares  even with a thought of some one steeling it. These devices are too expensive to loose and to make sure it I recommend F-Secure anti-theft as a must install on every phone. Apart from basic anti theft feature of  SIM replacement warning SMS it also provide users to remote lock and wipe the data with a preset SMS. Remote wiping ensures safety of all your private data. It also support GPS tracking empowering the use find the exact location of its mobile on Google maps. well I forgot to mention the best part, this application is free to use with out ant limitation.




Protector is a free and simple application designed to password protect any installed application installed on your android device. You can use this app to protect your personal photographs and videos in your gallery, your SMS conversation and your emails. This application can not be force killed ensuring your privacy. One negative aspect of this application is that there is no pin recovery option so if by chance you forget your password there is no way to unlock your apps and at the same time uninstall the application, the only possible option left with you will be factory reset.




The basic application of  Lookout is to provide basic antivirus and firewall for your device. the application is memory friendly and will not make your phone slow in the real-time protection. This application also comes with anti-theft and data backup module.


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Nihar - November 30, 2010

Thanks for sharing these apps. I guess i have shared the first one on my blog.

Sebastian - February 16, 2013

Thanks for this software. I wish to buy after the trial period till such time have to chk it and find its utilities as well as its usefulness, But as per the reviews it seems good to use and keep it.

Many more expectations God Bless.


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