6 Free Tools to keep Windows clean

Windows users remember the first day they installed Windows when everything went smooth, every function worked fine, responsive to our needs without any hindrance. This perfection doesn’t lasts too long and as the time passes,conditions starts becoming bad to worse. Its the time when they need proper cleaning and maintenance.

1) Bleachbit

Bleachbit free windows cleaner

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It is open source and is basically responsible for the cleaning of files, with a fairly long list of programs. Besides the most common browsers, clean traces of Google Earth, Flash, Java, Second Life Viewer, Skype, and Vuze. Runs on Windows and Linux. The interface might not appear too interactive, but it cleans your system efficiently.

Download: Bleachbit

2) Ccleaner

Ccleaner free windows cleaner

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It is free, and has a portable as well as installation version. It is one of the best known, very intuitive to use, quick to analyze the system, not just cleans the files, but it repairs the registry and even has an uninstall utility to manage and what programs are initiated with the system. It is my personal favorite, so we recommend it.

Download: Ccleaner

3) DiskMax

Diskmax free cleaner windows 8

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DiskMax is one of the most used free cleaner for Windows. Once started, it can automatically extract a lot of usable Disk space. For the first time you have to specify your choices for cleaning. From the second run you won’t have to give any attention to it as all the preferences are saved.

Download: DiskMax

4) FCleaner

Fcleaner free package

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Does an excellent job at finding junk files, up to 15% more than Bleachbit. Also has an uninstaller, program manager for booting, and shortcuts to system tools. Free installable and portable.

Download: FCleaner

5) Glary Utilities

Glary Utilities free download

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Free portable. Along with the basic features (such as problems with search files, the registry or shortcuts broken), brings a few more features, like search for malware, optimize memory, encrypt files and analyze the use of disk space, among others.

Download: Glary Utilities

6) nCleaner

ncleaner windows 8 free

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Besides cleaning up files, provides a monitor of the system tools to modify the system, reducing space, program manager at startup, and support for many extensions that handle more specific tasks, like cleaning behind ACDSee, ICQ, Incredimail, Kazaa or Winamp.

Download: nCleaner

KCleaner is a new addition to this list. It allows you to free more hard disk space than Ccleaner. You can also automate the cleaning process at definite time intervals. Check the detailed KCleaner review for download links.

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Do Let us know which Free Windows System Cleaner you prefer the most.

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Ajay - June 16, 2009

gr8 list rohit
is ncleaner is free.
ncleaner is gr8 i am using it .

    Rohit Langde - June 16, 2009

    @Ajay, As said in the post, I am using portable version of CCleaner on Windows 7, it also works fine.

Michael Aulia - June 19, 2009

I use CCleaner and Glary Utilities before. They are quite powerful for a free software. If you are looking for something exotic, I recommend the TuneUp Utilities

    Rohit Langde - June 19, 2009

    @Michael Aulia, Yeah, TuneUp Utilities is all in one top stop solution for these needs armed with necessary tools. Only thing is that its not a freeware.

      peter - July 27, 2010

      tune up is free for first 30 days working as full version there are many older versions available free online that work too,esp at isohunt.com

Anish K.S - July 15, 2009

CCleaner is good, i like it

Danial Abdul Rahim - March 22, 2013

Almost people will use CCleaner. BTW, I also used it to. But want to try another tools 🙂

Oh. I am software tester =D


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