Funny iPhone 5 Photos Archive: Internet Made Fun Of Long iPhone 5

iphone 5 long funny photo

iPhone 5 has become a target, humiliated and made fun of since its launch. Samsung made fun of iPhone 5 over its so called “innovative” useless features and people around the web and social media have started making fun of iPhone 5 length. Here is a sneak peak of funny iPhone 5 pictures posted on Internet.

Collection of iPhone 5 Funny Pictures

iPhone 5 Length Evolution Funny Tim Cook

1. Here’s Tim Cook introducing iPhone with ever increasing length!

Tallest iPhone 5 Funny Photo

2. They designed the iPhone 10 with ultra longer screen!

iPhone 20 longer

3. iPhone 20 will have a length that it can e used as light saber.

iPhone 30S with tall screen endored by Jackie Chan

4. iPhone 30S which can have 30 lines of apps in one screen.

iPhone 50 Funny length Photo

5. iPhone 50 will have alternative use as a weapon.

iphone 5 long sword funny photo

6. Another iPhone 50 which can be used like sword like weapon. This one is from movie Lost Bladesman!

iphone 5 long tallest building

7. iPhone 101 – Tallest iPhone ever (taller than skyscrapers!)

iphone 5 infinite length satellite

8. iPhone Infinity – Yes. One day iPhone will have a length which will be longer than the diameter of earth ad carried by satellites.

iphone 5 pocket length lee jeans

9. iLee – LOL! even your designer Jeans pocket will be longer to fit in new iPhones with longer screen. 😀

Well, it is nothing new. People around the web are always looking for a chance to spill out their creativity in one or the other form. Even, Funny iPad photos were posted on web when it was launched but it hardly affected the sales of Apple device. oh Wait, there was an effect on sales of iPad tablets, it went viral and still one of the popular in market.

Have you seen any more iPhone 5 Funny photos other than listed above. Share the laugh with us in comments 🙂

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Mansoor Ahmed - September 22, 2012

By making fun of it, People just wasting their valuable time, which can be used for better productive work.

PeterPejavi - September 22, 2012

Haha, i like those pics! Keep them coming!


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