G Data MobileSecurity V2 Free 90 Days License For Android (Virus Scan + Anti-Theft)

With the rise in popularity, comes more threats and same happened with Android. It was reported that there was 3325% malware increase in Year 2011 in Android so, Security should be major concern. GData is a renowned name in security solutions and MobileSecurity is their product for mobile phones.

GData MobileSecurity is all in one security app for Android providing Virus scan, App Protection as well as Anti-theft feature.

Though it comes for 1147.57 Rs if you buy from Play Store but now grab G Data MobileSecurity V2 90 Days License For Android completely free.

G Data MobileSecurity V2 Overview

Virus Scan

G-data-MobileSecurity free

G Data MobileSecurity allows you to make selective scan options. With it you can make a quick scan of installed apps, which is helpful in situations where you need instant trouble relief. Full system scan should be performed at time when you are not using the phone.  It takes a lot of time depending upon the capacity of the phone storage size.

[alert-success] It is recommended to make a full system scan once after getting the app activated and updated[/alert-success]

Theft Protection

G-data-MobileSecurity v2 free license

This is an useful option and should be set with priority. It will help you particularly if you have a habit of misplacing your phone, specially if you are residing in Hostel.

[alert-success] Three Must Have Free Security Apps for Android Smartphone [/alert-success]

App Access Permissions

G Data MobileSecurity V2 free serial key

This is a useful functionality in case you want to know the permissions granted to installed apps. If you are suspicious about unnecessary permissions to any app, you can directly uninstall the app from within G Data MobileSecurity.

[alert-warning] Lacks Stopping/ Blocking apps from accessing features like internet. This would have been useful in certain scenarios[/alert-warning]

App Protection & Call Management

G data mobilesecurity v2 free registration

Want some privacy? Specially when friends are always after poking your phone! With the App Protection option, you can password lock any application from unauthorized access. Provided your password itself is not common or stolen!

Call blocking is another important feature of G Data MobileSecurity. You can selectively or partially allow calls from certain numbers knowingly annoying you. But this feature certainly may fail at critical times. How?

[alert-warning] Use Call Blocking feature with extreme caution[/alert-warning]

Well from my personal experience, blocking any number except those in your Contact list may also get your teacher blocked when he calls you for urgent work taking number from a friend of yours. Then the consequence is pretty obvious. There are many similar situations that may arise anytime.

[alert-success] The best practice is to use the BlackList feature to ignore certain numbers of your choice [/alert-success]

Overall this is a fairly good App to have on your device, specially when you are getting it free for 1 full year.

Now, lets move on the the interesting part.

Get G Data MobileSecurity 90 Days License

G Data MobileSecurity 1 year promo

  • Fill your First and last name with valid email ID and click on the button below the form.

G Data Mobile Security V2 free download

  • As you complete submitting the form, you will be given a conformation message with the download link to the application. Downloading the app is optional here. As you can do it later, if you do not have a Data Cable at hand.

G Data MobileSecurity License free

  • You will receive the mail with Login details instantly. If you notice, just above the Login details you will get the download link to the app. Open the mail via your phone and download the app directly there.
  • Install G Data MobileSecurity V2.

How to Activate G Data MobileSecurity V2


G Data MobileSecurity v2 Android Free 1 Year license

  • Once the installation is done, open the app click on the icon. Select Activate Updates and proceed.


G Data MobileSecurity v2 Android Free 1 Year license

  •  As you already have the registration code, you just need to enter the access data. Fill in your Login details and tap on connect.

G Data MobileSecurity v2 Android Free 1 Year license

As the details are filled, you will be updated to latest database. Now you can set up the app according to your needs.

[alert-success] Promo Checked and found working on 9.08.2012. Let us know if it stops working [/alert-success]

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amar - August 11, 2012

please also tell about to uninstall it, because i want to remove it but it is not uninstalling. please help

    Sourojit Nandi - August 12, 2012

    Easily removed it from “Manage Apps”… Force stop first, if required. What’s your error message? I am on CM 9.

Satish - August 16, 2012


The email I received says its only a 90 day trial version…


    Rohit Langde - August 21, 2012

    Seems the offer has changed to 90 days.


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