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How to gain Back Control over Hacked Facebook Account Immediately

If someone manages to break into your Facebook account, if you act quickly to recover the account, it is possible to get it back and avoid major headaches.

This article will cover some first aid actions to be taken to try to resolve the situation and although nothing is certain, maybe get lucky and can reverse the situation.

How to know when Facebook Account is Hacked

This can be taken as a preventative measure and if we discover that someone else is using our own, also as a way to gain control again.

If there is no apparent reason that someone has hacked our account, it’s always good to see that there is any open session was not created by us and if there are signs that someone is using our own, that too will help us begin to address this problem.

To find out if someone opened a session without having to go should the Account Settings, then Security and click Active Sessions. They will all open sessions. If you find a suspicious meeting, which did not open yourself, the first thing you should do immediately is click on the link on the right of the session that says End activity.

Changing the password is a must!

After Ending above suspicious session, you must change the password immediately, because the hacker can gain control again.

To do this go to Account Settings, then click General, and there password.

Here two things can happen, if the hacker did not change the password, we can do it directly without any problem.

The problem comes if the hacker changed the password, in this case we have to act fast and try to recover it.

The first thing they do is go to Login and click on where question Forgot your password?

After clicking on that question, Facebook shows the following screen to try to identify ourselves.

Any of the above three methods provides is feasible to recover the password. Even if the hacker changed our profile information, perhaps the best advice is the last option.

Pressing search will give us the possibility to change the password, but this will send a code to our email or our phone via SMS.

If you do not have access to that email address or mobile that we set in our account, we have one last option, which is to click on the link that says Do not you have access to these? And will enable us to enter a new email address with which Facebook will lead us to recover our own.

What if hacker is Sending out Spam to your Friends?

If your account was also used to send spam to our friends at Facebook, the first thing to do is report that the account is compromised.

What to do after gaining control back to our Facebook?

When he regained control of our account, first thing is to tell our friends what happened and then we will need to verify if the hacker installed some application which in the future could compromise the account. Again, it will be in Account Settings , Applications. Review each application, and if there is something strange, remove the application.

What should we do to try to prevent it from happening again?

The two basic recommendations are to change the password and also check for open sessions. Then it’s common sense that has to do not only Facebook, but with any Internet service such as use different passwords for each service and do not leave your password anywhere, written on paper or elsewhere that is available to anyone.

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Shuvobd - November 19, 2011

Very helpful post.My facebook account has been hacked four times already…so I hope your post will help me to make my facebook account secure…Thanks…

Shubham Pandey - November 28, 2011

nice article…thanks for giving that information,its really helpful for securing our facebook account…

Razor - January 13, 2012

Hi Rohit , My fb acc is temporarily suspended about 4 month . I can’t still login now . I request pass new but that problem again and i can’t passed step2 and i don’t know they question it’s teacher last name pls help me

    Rohit Langde - January 14, 2012

    You may have mentioned Teacher’s last name as Secret question while signing up.
    There are other options too, like identifying your friends from Photo. Hope that works.

Sangram - February 27, 2012

Thank u for giving this msg.

Shyam Sundar Roy - December 4, 2012

very nice. good guide .


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