Galaxy Ace GT-5830 Latest And Best Custom ROMs

Well it has been sometime that I didn’t cover any Custom ROM’s for Galaxy Ace. So here I go with a list of Present Custom ROM’s some of which are still receiving constant updates. You can use any of them depending on your Choice of the Base i.e Stock, Cynogenmod 7.2, Cynogenmod 9 or CynogenMod 10.

Some Basic Brush ups

Upgrading to the latest Stock Firmware as Base

Files to be downloaded:

Only follow the Steps using the files given here. Do not use older ROMs from previous Tutorials.

[alert-announce] No need to root the stock ROM if you are going to install a Custom ROM after it. If you are facing boot loops with the newly flashed Stock ROM, go to Recovery( hold Menu button+power) and Wipe data.[/alert-announce]

Before Installing Custom ROM you will need to install ClockWorkMod

To do before Flashing a Custom ROM

Assuming that you have already copied the custom ROM on your SD card and you have CWM Installed.

  • Enter into CWM
  • Wipe Data/Factory Reset
  • Wipe Cache Partition
  • From Advanced option clear Dalvik Cache
  • Install Zip From SD Card
  • Flash ROM
  • Reboot

So now lets have a look on the Custom ROMs for Galaxy ACE.

1. Beats With Smooth Sense 6

Galaxy Ace Latest Custom ROMS

Feature List:

  • Beats Audio mod + Xloud
  • Beats audio Cool Modded Music player
  • Htc Sense 4.0 launcher
  • Stock Samsung keyboard
  • Htc Sense 3.0 lockscreen(modded)
  • Htc Sense 4.0 Clock Widget
  • HTC Camera Mod
  • Ported Beats audio Boot animation
  • CRT-OFF animation
  • Ported Smooth Sense theme
  • Based On DDKQ8 firmware 2.3.6
  • All icons from sense 4.0
  • Modded MMS.apk Skins etc
  • Modded Samsung keypad
  • Sense 4.0 wallpapers
  • Extended Power menu
  • 14 toggles
  • wifi speed stability smooth 3G
  • Dialer, phone modded, new popups,mms with skins + more mods, HTC sense Font, HTC sense animations, XML mods
  • HalfPorted XHDPI sense 4.0 Framework

Beats With Smooth Sense 6 ROM Overview

It’s stock based, one of the most beautiful ROM I have ever used. Rest all things are neat and fast. You can definitely give this a try if you are a die hard HTC Sense interface lover. One thing I noticed about the battery is that it will turn red as soon as you connect the charger, do not worry it wont effect anything. Download the ROM from XDA thread.

Beats With Smooth Sense 6 XDA Thread Link

Beats With Smooth Sense 6 ROM Video

 2. Droid ACE

Galaxy ace latest custom Rom


  • Firekernel OC for overclocking.
  • Adrenaline Engine, Adrenaline Boost, GPS Sensors Patch, Faster GPS Lock
  • Added Bravia Engine
  • SD Card Read Speed set at 4096 kbps
  • Increased Internet Speed
  • Tweaked build.prop for :
    • Performance Tweaks
    • Dialing Tweaks
    • Graphic Tweaks
    • Battery Tweaks
    • 3G Tweaks
    • Wifi Tweaks
    • Scrolling Tweaks
  • Lot of free RAM
  • Boot Animation styled to Galaxy Nexus Intro
  • Xperia S Non-Transparent theme, with optional transparent one
  •  wallpaper chooser app.
  • Platlogo Image and Text Changed, WP7 Font.
  • Stock System Sounds, 30 Volume Steps Mod, Beats Audio + Alsa + Audio FX

Droid ACE ROM Overview

CynogenMod based and themed with ICS + Xperia elements. To mention specifically, you will love the boot animation of Droid ACE. Additionally you have ICS Layouts as optional visual style. You can Overclock your Galaxy ACE with this ROM as it has a OC Kernel. Rest specific instructions can be found on XDA.

Droid ACE XDA Thread Link

Droid ACE ROM Video

3. XperiaTized Xperia S

Galaxy Ace Latest Custom Roms


  • EXT4 Partitions
  • Xperia U Window Animations
  • Sony Xperia S Widgets
  • Sony Xperia S Launcher Rev 9.1C
  • Xperia S Wallpapers
  • Xperia U Statusbar
  • Xperia S ULTIMATE Lockscreen
  • Deodexed, zip aligned
  • Long Battery life, LibiSc Kernel
  • Xperia S modded Music Player
  • DTa2sd support, xtremely fast and stable
  • Xperia S Call Sliders
  • Xperia S phone, SMS/MMS
  • Disabled journaling
  • 20 Toggles <-Add-On

XperiaTized Xperia S ROM Overview

Fully Xperia S themed stock based Custom ROM. It is stable and fast. I had problems with the 13th version, it had no status bar. The developer has promised to fix it in next release. Hence if you are downloading the 13th version you can use free status bar app from market to solve the problem. Search Notification toggles in Market.

XperiaTized Xperia S XDA Thread Link

 XperiaTized Xperia S ROM Video

4. The Myth 2

Galaxy Ace latest custom ROMs


  • Support Myth Updater
  • Supported 50 languages
  • Enabled CRT Off
  • BLN support
  • CF root B84
  • Swap pre enabled
  • Myth 2 theme
  • Full android 4.0 layout
  • 6 toggles in notification bar
  • Myth2 script
  • Option to choose launcher while installing: MiHome/Hololauncher/TW
  • Modded touchwiz3 – semi transparent app drawer, indicator in bottom, list view enabled
  • Removed some apps in system for free storage
  • New Roboto font
  • Full ICS transition animation
  • New boot animation
  • Updated Google Play
  • Updated Google, Quick Search Box, Google Maps, icons

The Myth 2 ROM Overview

This is one of the most simple and stable Custom ROM Based on Stock. I have personally used it for long time. The best thing about Myth Team is that they roll out regular updates. Additionally you can get other stuffs via the Myth Updater, directly on your Phone. Download the ROM from their XDA thread link. While installing this ROM you can select the launcher you want to use i.e Holo Launcher, MIUI Launcher or Stock ROM default Launcher. You can also select File explorers such as MIUI file explorer, Solid File explorer or just stick with the default file explorer.

The Myth 2 XDA Thread Link

 The Myth 2 ROM Video


5. S’Perience ROM

Galaxy ace latest custom roms


  • Rooted, EXT4 File System, OC Capable, Full Deodexed, Full APK Optimization, Zip Aligned
  • New Adreno Libs, MegaBassBeats Audio Libs & Bravia Engine
  • Battery Extended Kernel 1.2
  • Full S2/3 Themed, Modded Holo Launcher To Look Like TouchWizUX, S3 Icons, Roboto Font, Themed Apps, Themed Series Boot Animation, S2 Keyboard
  • 14 Toggles
  • Swipe To Remove Notification
  • Extended Power Menu
  • Modded Lock Screen
  • Some Notification Sounds added and some Removed
  • Latest PlayStore 3.7.15
  • Flash Player Included
  • BeatsThemed Miui Music Player
  • Modded Call Screen
  • Adrenaline Engine
  • No SMS Conversion To MMS, No Recipient Limit
  • Dandelion Live Wallpaper Working Flawlessly
  • Wallpaper Chooser With Both S3 Wallpapers And Jellybean Wallpapers
  • S3 Digital Clock And AcuWeather Widgets, New Music Widget 2
  • New Patches
  • ICS Transition Animation
  • Long Battery Life, Ad Free And Journaling Disabled

  S’Perience ROM Overview

This ROM is stock based with far more features than other stock based ROMs. You can Overclock Galaxy ACE with this custom ROM. Toggled status bar is of real help if you need to operate faster.

S’Perience ROM XDA Thread Link

S’Perience ROM Video

6. Revolution Meizu2

latest custom rom galaxy ace


  • Transparent Statusbar
  • Carrier logo mod (changeable)
  • Modded launcher +transparency enabled + page indicators in dock (3dock)
  • Rebuilt Layout of statusbar
  • Full ported Meizu Framework
  • Extended Power menu
  • Dialer modded, Call Screen modded,
  • Music cool modded
  • Amazing Stability and Speed
  • Cool animations
  • Meizu Boot animation
  • CRT off enabled
  • Lots of Build.prop Tweaks

Revolution Meizu2 Overview

I was kind of expecting more from this ROM. It is no doubt good but the features included could have been more, like I always miss the extended power menu. Use it only if you like seeing the video Preview.

Revolution Meizu2 XDA Thread Link

Revolution Meizu2 ROM Video

7. Apocalypse ROM

Galaxy ACE latest Custom Roms


  • Boot animation created especially for APOCALYPSE
  • ICS-Style Settings Menu, modded ICS Transparent Theme, centered clock, status bar supports transparency, 50% trans-black lockscreen styles, bubble locksreen style, blue lockscreen buttons
  • Contacts list images, usb mount image
  • Sansation font, Holo Home Launcher, Blue Torch
  • Firekernel OC
  • JIT, Surface Dithering and Purging of Assets disabled
  • Optimized signal tweaks for ACE, wireless speed tweaks
  • Media stagefright tweaks for faster video streaming
  • Graphics enhancement tweaks
  • Power saving tweaks, dialing tweaks
  • Journaling is disabled at boot
  • Tweaked GPS configuration for optimum results
  • 30steps volume
  • Real Player Beta

Apocalypse ROM Overview

Based on CynogenMod 7.2, this ROM is smooth and fast. There are no unnecessary apps and also the Google apps like gtalk is not present. So all you have to do is flash them separately. The default SMS app is also missing, use Go sms instead of that. There are no file explorers by default, so you  need to download one From the Market. You will need to download a music and Camera app too. All other things are working fine. I have used this ROM for a long time and it is really good on battery life. In this ROM you get only what you want to get, simple logic. For additional ICS Layouts, follow the guide in XDA ROM Thread. Download This ROM from XDA.

 Apocalypse ROM XDA Thread Link

Apocalypse ROM Video

8. Sony HD ROM


  • Xperia S lockscreen
  • Xperia S launcher
  • Xperia S Theme
  • Xperia S style
  • Xperia S apps
  • Xperia S Widgets
  • TimeScape
  • Full Xperia S Xperience
  • Sony HD Settings
  • Lg 2X lockscreen
  • SlaidyBoostv2.3

Sony HD ROM Overview

This rom is like Xperiatized rom and from the same developer. The only difference is it’s based on CynogenMod. This rom is smooth and really looks good. With present version 2 I am having problem like softkey light turning on automatically.  You will also have TimeScape app but its resized to our resolution, hence the texts are bit broken.

Sony HD ROM XDA Link

Sony HD ROM Video


Galaxy ACE Custom Roms latest


  • TouchwizUX from galaxy S3 (MDPI)
  • SGIII Real accu weather
  • Samsung galaxy s3 Wallpaper Chooser
  • SGSIII Icons, Sounds
  • MusicHub Hub 3.0
  • SGSIII Live Wallpapers
  • S-voice Modded
  • Swype keyboard, SG3 Clock widget,Kies Cast
  • Application monitor widget, Memo, PicsPlay, Family Story, Polaris Office, You tube
  • Stock Video Player, Prima Wifi File, S suggest, Flipboard
  • Chat on, Samsung Apps, Facebook Sns Account, Samsung Account Service


Based On CynogenMod 9, this ROM is still in beta stage but in one word, it’s awesome and smooth. I am presently using it and it does freezes some times. I have not used the camera much though. Do not use it if you want totally stable ROM and do not plan next flashing for long time. Do check the XDA thread for latest updates.

S3-Evolution XDA Thread Link


Battery Saving Tips for CynogenMod 9/10 Based ROMs

Its really hard to cope up with battery life when all the functionality of CM9 are active. So keep all unnecessary functions like touch tone, haptic feedback, animations, live wallpapers off. You can also try and reduce maximum processor frequency when you are working in general. Increase it again when you need to play games or watch YouTube videos. Do not reduce the minimum frequency as you will experience lags when you will unlock the phone from next time.

Select a lower time for your phone to sleep and also pick lower screen timeout. Do not keep poking your phone unnecessarily as it will not allow it to sleep and hence the processor will be active. Try to keep WiFi off during sleep and if you are always keeping it on, make sure to reduce the maximum processor frequency. I am doing the same and I get 1 day backup with 1-2 hours talk time, no music and YouTube.

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Which one will suits for my Galaxy S5830i to get long battery life and enough free space

praveen - January 18, 2013

i have installed pac rom on my galaxy ace(nims11), is there any way to revert back to stock rom 2.3.6? can i install apocalypse rom on pac rom base? which roms can i furthur install on pac rom which i have installed now??

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What about Jellaxy? It aint good?

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hola amigos pueden hacer compatible la rom ”Sony HD ROM”para el samsung galaxy pocket plus s5301l?


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