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How to get APK Location of Installed applications from Android Market / Amazon App Store

We often use Android Market to download and install Apps easily but you don’t get the APK installer file of that application though the app is installed. Even in this process, Apps are downloaded (stored on Phone) and then extracted so, getting the location where APK file is downloaded is a trick.

Important requirement to begin with is you need a Rooted Phone. Procedure for rooting Samsung Galaxy S and to root Galaxy Ace Android 2.3.3 is given. In case, you have different Mobile phone then use Universal Rooting Tools like Z4Root, Super One click Root or Universal Androot App.

How to find APK File Location

On a rooted Android phone, Download Root Explorer or a free alternative Android Root File manager ES File Explorer.

In case, you are using ES File Explorer, go to settings and enable “Root Explorer” option to get access to Root Directories.

Go to location address – /data/app/ where all APK installer files of installed application downloaded from Android Market or Amazon App store.

This is useful in case you want to backup just the installers of system apps. Also, if you want to send application to another device or Friend’s mobile phone via Bluetooth or share on web.

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