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How To Get Back Facebook Old Comment Interface

Facebook make new changes every second day with out even caring how users will react to it. Till date many of the uses are not yet comfortable to the new photo viewer and yet few days back it introduced another change in the comment system removing the post comment button.

With the new change users can directly post comment by pressing the enter key and if at all you need to post a multiline comment you can do so by pressing the Shift+Enter key.

If at all you are not at all comfortable to the new comment system here is how you can revert back to old comment system.



If you are Firefox user download and install GreasesMonkey add-on first. Chrome users can skip this step and can directly  Download and Install F.B. Purity JavaScript on your browser and restart it.

Now you will have good old Facebook comment on your browser.



F.B. Purity not only brings back your old comment on Facebook but will also filter and hide all the unnecessary updates on your Facebook wall.

Download F.B. Purity

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