A Guide to Getting The Most Out of Your Guest Post

The best thing you can start off by doing, when writing your guest posts, is to initially stop treating them as link building and only link building! Link building was going on way before Google started to even recognize links as a valid way to rank web sites by the SEO pioneers.

How come? This is because links have a number of uses, all of which are quality, other than “how many” of them point to your web site! Not realizing this fact will cause you to miss out on a lot of the benefits that guest posting can provide – thus limiting your efforts. Everyone has heard the saying “If you don’t have anything good to say, then don’t say anything at all!” – or at least wait until you do in the case of guest posting.

Of course, mapping out a link building campaign will call for determining how many links you will need, the anchor texts you will use for them, and the landing pages for each of the links. Another thing that you will have to determine are the minimum requirements for the quality of the web site that you will guest post on. This outline for your link building campaign is however only a guide, and when you begin writing up your articles that you will submit for guest posts, you will want to keep in mind that you are trying to accomplish many things besides “link building.”

Guest Blogging Guidelines

You Have It Mapped Out – Now Start Choosing Web Sites

Writing your articles before you start doing your web site research is sometimes a great idea. This is the case when you are on fire with great ideas and you can tackle creative articles that are in long length with no problem. Drawing the occasional “blank” is inevitable however, and doing your research first can help you get started with ideas that weren’t going to come otherwise. This will also help you write a little bit better and more specific to that blog, although if your content is great then you won’t have any trouble finding a blog to post on.

What Determines a Good Blog?

You must first realize that page rank is not at all a magic number. Only looking at page rank to determine a web site’s quality is a big mistake.There are many other things you should look at as well as page rank.This is simply because it goes through long periods of time without ever being updated! Using all the information that SEO Quake and tools like it can provide for you, along with your common sense and know-ability about what a good web site looks like is the best thing you can do.

You want to use common sense as well as your head to get a good idea about how much “Buzz” you will be able to create on the blog via comments, and on the social network scene. You will also want to make sure that the blog is roughly 18-24 months old, and that there blog posts from that long ago are cached in Google as well.

You will want to stay away from blogs that do a lot of link selling and whose only purpose of being on the web is to make money by doing so. These are called “Spam Blogs.” These sort of blogs will more than likely hurt your web site more than help it in terms of rankings. There are ways to fake page rank (another reason you shouldn’t look solely at it), so beware of these blogs that have page ranks of 3, 4, and 5 but get virtually no traffic whatsoever.

Goals as a Guest Blogger:

  • You should provide high quality and original information that the readers will enjoy reading and actually benefit from
  • To provide information on a brand new idea or a new way of looking at an old topic
  • To create a good amount of “Buzz” about the topic, so that the readers will want to dive in and join the conversation
  • To make a good name for yourself as a knowledgeable writer and guest poster
  • To begin building relationships on the web that both parties may benefit from in the future
  • To gain more positive exposure for your own web site
  • Your goal with each guest post you write, should be to try your hardest to make it creative and fun enough so that it could go viral at any moment

If you stick to these basic rules (and maybe come up with a few of your own), you will be on your way to maximizing your guest posting efforts.

How to Get the “Juice” to Flow

After you get your guest post live, you still have work to do – this doesn’t mean you are finished! Almost as important as getting your guest post live is promoting it! Too much self promotion is never a good thing, but this is definitely one of the purposes of social networking. There are other way to promote your guest post as well, that will in turn strengthen the “Juice” of the links within them.

Submitting to article directories can be one of the most dullest and time consuming things you can do. In a lot of people’s opinion, it is also a big waste of time unless you submit about 1k-5k articles. It does have one good use though if you submit on a low volume, and that is helping to keep your guest posts cached in Google’s search engine longer.

Every time you write and submit a guest post, one thing you could do is submit an article to an article directory and link it to that guest post. This in turn will help the “Juice” of the link and it will help keep it indexed for a longer period of time.

When you are creating your link building plan and the titles you will be using for your articles, you should always keep this in mind. Also, bloggers sometimes allow more than one link inside the guest post. When this is the case, you should sometimes link to previous guest posts that you have done before (although not always). This is another great way besides submitting article directories to help strengthen the “juice” of your links.

Just remember to put 100% into every guest post that you write. Twenty-Five of your best guest posts is better than one hundred of them that won’t do anybody good when they read them. With the rise of social media, who knows when today’s form of guest posting will stop having as much value. As a guest poster, you can help keep it alive by providing high quality posts that have a lot of value.

Michael Cash is a twenty something freelance writer and internet consultant, providing SEO services in western Michigan. When he’s not coaching people out of 1990s era web practices, amateur astronomy and hiking take up his time. A completely random fact about Michael is that he used to “ghost hunt” as a youngster.

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