Go for Cheap Instead of Free Web Hosting

You may go with free hosting since you get your own(as per you think) website and that too without spending a penny. In the mean time, I have experienced many disadvantages /limitations with some Free Hosting companies (I will not write their names here).

It’s true that free hosting services provide hosting for $0.00. The question is how much reliable are they? Following are some of my harsh experiences.

  • Forced Ads

This is the most pathetic when you run your website because inline text ads create hindrance for the reader of your blog. At times, they have pop-ups which may affect SEO of your site. Moreover, there are many a times irrelevant ads. This condition is either stated in TOS of the company or sometimes hidden.

  • Limited Bandwidth

When you start your website, it has less traffic so can cope up with it. The problem arises when your blog grows, it will lead to your server clash as it crosses Bandwidth limitations. There are no chances. You cannot depend on them for reliability other than to revive your website database.

  • Unreliable

You will never know when your site is down as the web-host (I experienced) had downtime for most of the time. This takes away many visitors, especially in prime times.

  • Poor technical support

While being a free user and open new ticket, they simply ignore your query. You will have to handle the problems by yourself and solve them. On the other hand, they provide free assistance to premium users.

  • Account suspension

Your free account can be terminated at any time, whole efforts can go in vain in no time. This leads to misunderstandings and visitors will no more trust on you.

As a starter, free hosting approach is very natural choice (it saves money). Moreover, you will get an experience of using cpanel. Other things include installation of various script /software and that too for free.

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Rockstar Sid - June 10, 2008

Dude,i lost my Greatbollywood site.That hyper guys isnt replying to me.. the site is up but some files were misplaced while shifting to the new server ….


Rohit Langde - June 11, 2008

Hi Rockstar Sid,
It has been long time since Hyperwenenable have moved to new server. You are facing problems now!?
Anyhow, Free hosting is free. You have to accept everything there.

I have a solution for you. You have wordpresss installed site, ok? Backup your posts, media files, everything using plugin or online service. (don’t have it? search this site) Ask him to Reinstall WordPress and Evertything will be fine.

admin - June 12, 2008

we have been serving you all for long time and there is are down times in the server but not due to our problem its due to the hosting company issues and we are providing the best services at free of cost.
The sites like thewebdale.com and greatbollywood.net was running from long time with out any issues and we give complete rights to the users with there sites you can put your ads or change your theme or any thing you want we keep ads in the sites to earn money for your hosting and domain registration costs. So far we have been serving you guys with out fail.
Please contact us to serve you better.

Rohit - June 13, 2008

Hi admin @ HyperWebEnable,
I was not at all against you and still I believe on HyperWebEnable and that’s why I still have two sites hosted with you.
I have not mentioned your name in my post; i just wrote my experience with 000webhost who still didn’t reply me and Freehostia who just suspended my account due to overload.
Please don’t mind. Thanks again for your support and free hosting.

Rockstar Sid - June 13, 2008

Mailed 4 times and still no reply… some one has injected a cross server script in admin files which means i cant blog…

I cant do anything with FTP login,need a reinstalltation of wp but before that their must a backup done by you….

Also i have lost half of the visitors.. I am helpless in this case!

Rohit Langde - June 14, 2008

Hi Rockstar Sid,
I tried logging in your blog but it’s saying Invalid argument and you don’t have permission to change theme and all, isn’t it?
Blog on reader’s end is fine.
I have also mailed HyperWebEnable regarding your problem. It will be solved by them asap.

I couldn’t understand your saying “their must a backup done by you” How can I backup your blog?

Rockstar Sid - June 15, 2008

Ah! Atlast the problem is solved.. It is great to know that hyper fellow listened to me after rigorous mailing…

I hope everything will go smoothly now 🙂

Pawan - June 16, 2008

Hi Rohit,
At first i read your post on free hosting from hyperwebenable and i consulted them for a free website to host on wordpress i got domain: funpen.net registered by them as they are placing lot of ads on the blog which affects SEo and also of many reasons like
1)website cPANEL not in control of us
2)Website domain name it is not our property,Even if it gains popularity its not our property.
3)They will place Ads which are not Clean(porno related may appear) and also not relevent ads
4)reduces SEo as there will be too many ADS
5)if they keep their ads we may not be able to keep our ads(they may keep ads where we want to keep)
6)Some time click fraud will be detected on your Google Adsense

many more reasons to say folks i tried it for a week then i worked for some days on my blogger blog it self now i have recently taken a website from yahoo india : funpen.org
there also i am facing some problems but i wish soon they will find a solution


Ajay - June 16, 2008

it’s good to have a own free web hosting instead of free.

Aaron - June 22, 2008

I couldn’t understand some parts of this article cheap rather than free hosting | Blog Solute, but I guess I just need to check some more resources regarding this, because it sounds interesting.

Oscar - August 31, 2009

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FitnessGuy1981 - December 16, 2009

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