God Mode in Windows 8- Secret Code Folder For All Settings at One Place

God Mode isn’t new; it was discovered in Windows 7 itself. It is a secret folder or better I’d say a hidden feature in Windows 8. It enables you to access all settings and controls at one place and hence the name- God mode. Here is how to get inside God Mode folder in Windows 8 with a secret code.

Creating God mode folder is just like any other folder. You just need to create a new folder and add Gode mode to it.

God Mode Code for Windows 8


god mode code windows 8

For example: Create a new folder and rename it to God Mode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}. You will notice that it is no more a normal folder but its icon has changed which looks like Control Panel.

Open it to access God Mode folder of Windows 8.

god mode folder windows 8

Just like God, you have full control over Windows 8 system settings from here. May be managing sound devices, adding a startup item or editing group policy or even as simple as changing Date and Time.

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Folder shows a loong list of settings name categorized under sub-headings. How to find a specific settings of windows 8 in God Mode? I would recommend using the search box to find the thing you are looking for instead of browsing the list.

god mode windows 8

Type which setting you want to access or what you want to change in search box on upper right corner. List will now show settings restricted to your keyword only. This makes it easy to work.

Here, you get control on 254 setting items which covers almost all areas.

God Mode Alternative in Windows 8

On Windows 8 however, there is another way to access most essential settings without creating a god mode folder.

Access Charms bar (WIN+C) and click on Search icon. Type what you want and then click on Settings. All those things in God Mode are now here on left of the sidebar.

windows 8 settings

That’s all. It’s about gaining control. In case, you mess up changing the values, make sure to keep Refresh PC at hand to Reset Windows settings to default.

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