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Try Google Android on Computer

If you are curious about What’s happening in the world of mobiles and existence of Android. Android is a mobile operating system developed by Google. But you can try it on your Desktop.

Currently there are few phones that use it, but it is expected that future is very used. If you’re thinking of trying something new but don’t want to change platform which is not known then you can try it on computer using Live CD.

The LiveCD does not occupy much, just two hundred 200 megabytes, so it is ideal for quickly downloading and have a look to learn a little more of this before going Android.

Google Android on Desktop

Google Android on Desktop

Unfortunately it is not fully functional, but the basic things work well and allow us to get an idea of how it all works. Obviously, this system is useless- it is merely a curiosity for the curious and as I said, you can get an idea of the topic.

It is completely free and runs on x86 platforms. You can burn a CD and try it on your computer but I recommend to have a look for any virtualization software, as I have done, since it does not require a powerful machine.

Download Android Live CD

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