GOM Audio Player Download and Review

I am a fan as well as user of GOM Media player for years now (Yes, I prefer GOM over VLC for video playback any day). Lately, I came to know that Gretech, creators of GOM have developed a dedicated Audio player called GOM Audio.

For Audio, I use Windows Media player but thought of giving it a try. Here are some differences I noticed: GOM Audio player definitely has a beautiful interface even the default skin. While WMP default interface is not so cool but you have access to variety of skins.

GOM Audio Player

GOM Audio player has inbuilt ID3 Tag editor support making it easy to correct Media file info then and there with one click.

GOM Audio ID3 Tag Editor

Power Manager can Shutdown or take your computer to Sleep mode automatically at specified time. This is helpful for people who like to fall asleep while listening music.

GOM Power Manager

If minimized, you can get playback controls from taskbar itself without restoring the player window. You can either enable mini player mode (missing in WMP 12) or hover mouse to get playback buttons.

GOM mini player

Advanced users can tweak DSP settings and customize reverb level, frequency and delay as well as enable and configure the 3D surround. You can also use Winamp 2.x DSP plugin folder.

One thing I most liked about it is the Keyboard Shortcuts. They have kept the same one as in GOM Media player so, it went easy for me to control without learning anything new.

Talking about the Audio file compatibility, GOM Audio player can play almost all popular audio media including MP3, WAV, WMA, FLAC and as well as less used ones, such as MID and APE. Also, it has capability to play Internet Radio, comes with inbuilt stations.

No need to download any codecs from outside, all audio files are compatible. Get to know if you really need Audio Codecs for Windows 8?

Installer is light weight (just 5 MB in size) and unlike GOM Media Player, it does not install any GOM Pop-up Ad or toolbar. Memory Consumption is fair. On applying custom skin to WMP, both players take up same amount of memory. But without skin, WMP eats up less resources.

Overall, a nice audio player suitable for both beginners as well as advanced users. Just for a change, I am changing my default Audio player to GOM. And you?

Download GOM Audio Player, It’s totally Free!

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Resham Panth - January 5, 2013

Hi Rohit, I have been using Gom player for the past few years and I totally loved it. Nt tried the music player yet, gonna dwnld it soon…

Ajitem Sahasrabuddhe - January 5, 2013

I too am a big time fan of GOM Player. I have been using it for a long time for all my video playback. But for me, nothing is going to replace Zune for the forseeable future. Not only does it work with my Windows Phone, it provides me with a comprehensive library to manage music, generate playlists, watch videos and more. Speaking of cool interfaces, there are hardly any players out there that can match the looks and usablity of Zune. GOM Audio certainly seems nice but I won’t make the switch. Not just yet.

PeterPejavi - January 5, 2013

am a big fan of kmp player when it comes to videos, as for audio, winamp is the real deal!

Dr Pancholi - January 5, 2013

Dear Mr. Rohit, would request ,which is best audio player for android 2 and above? Please write for androids too or do you do and I didn’t notice? By the way the Dice player is the only Vedio player on android having playing speed control.Regards.


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