Google Adsense Ads in Feedburner RSS Feeds – How to Insert

Nowadays people are too busy with a very limited amount of free time. Opening each and every website to know about new development and release is next to impossible. So the most convenient way that people use to stay updated is the use of RSS Feeds. They make things easy for the reader but what about Ad-revenue? There are no page impressions or clicks because of that. So here is good news for all the bloggers.


Google has started a service called Adsense for feeds. This enables publishers to place relevant ads units in the feeds they syndicate. The service is still in beta stage. The above screenshot shows Google Adsnse ads inside Feeburner RSS feeds.

These Google ads are also contextual and appear after every article in the feed. Unlike the regular AdSense ads that are rendered via JavaScript, these feed ads are served as image maps in 468×30 format.

To view these AdSense feed ads, go through Bloglines or just open this FeedBurner link in IE browser. Direct feedburner link doesn’t show ads in any browser other than Internet Explorer.

At the moment if you want this service on your RSS feeds, you will need to apply for it and the condition put up by them is atleast 100 active RSS subscribers. This service will be available directly from Feedburner/Adsense account soon when it is out from Beta stage.

Update: Adsense for Feeds is available as a Monetization Tab in Feedburner account from where you have to link Adsense account and ads will start appearing.

To do this, simply login to your AdSense account and click on the tab “My Ads”. Here you will find four different AdSense products (AdSense for content, feeds, mobile content and search) on left side.

Now click on AdSense for “feeds” and create a new feed unit and follow the simply instruction to fill the form.

If you have already added your feed to Feedburner, then select the option which says “Move FeedBurner feeds to your Google Account” or else select “Burn new feed”.

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Siddharth - May 17, 2008

This iz cool
I activated it on my blog but it doesnot shows the ads up
can u think of the possible cause ???

Rohit - May 17, 2008

Hi Siddharth,
Initially, You will have to apply for it and you will get approval only if you have 100+ active subscribers. This is because the service is still in it’s beta stage. It will be open for all after it’s full release.


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