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Google Chrome OS is a huge Disappointment, nothing more than browser

So, did you try Google Chrome OS as a Virtual Machine? If No, you may be eager to test drive it eagerly. I will tell you How did I find it’s first look. One question popped up while looking at it is that “Is it worth calling it an Operating system?” May be I was over expecting but using it is more or less like browsing on Google Browser.

When you say “Operating system“, what clicks your mind is a different world with their rules and traditions. If you are thinking of like having different programs, new softwares then STOP. It’s a browser and cloud-based OS for netbooks designed to be fast, simple and secure. Chrome OS doesn’t support hard drives, only solid-state storage, and runs only Web-based applications. There is no desktop-type software programs allowed.

Installation or Virtualization is as simple as that, download Google Chrome OS image and run it as Virtual machine using Sun VirtualBox. If you are first time user or face difficulty, follow step by step Google Chrome OS Installation procedure at TechCrunch. You need a Google account to enter in.


First Impressions

After spending sometime, I am trying to make some opinions on the new operating system from Google. There are several things that are clear from the very beginning:

It is lightweight: A system without any complications, simple, to the point, gives the sensation of little perceived to applications that consume few resources and weigh little. This is what makes Chrome OS is so light. Despite being mounted on a virtual machine, I found it quite fast.

Web Only: Yes, that is, as mentioned, Chrome is the Web OS. It’s your gateway to Web world just like a web browser but more secure. Does any other OS give you that functionality?

There is no sense of operating system: It doesn’t seems you’re driving really an operating system as it gives you the feeling that you are browsing the Internet using Google Chrome browser. In this respect, Chrome OS much disappointed me.

chrome os in action

While moving, what I found surprising is the presence of Download Feature because all you save is in cloud not in Locally. Now or in near future, Google will realize the need of Local Folder in Google operating system. I was unable to do anything with the downloaded file.

In short, all that hype created by Google OS and its presentation is not that bad because in near future, we may see a much more developed system. Meanwhile, we begin to see Chromium on cheap netbooks,with multitude of possibilities of connections acquired by users who already own a computer and need a solution to walk down the street.

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Blogging Tutorials - November 22, 2009

Well i have not use google chorm yet.
Because Firefox and IE is still working for me.

Jaky Astik - November 22, 2009

They already said that Chrome OS is for general users who want to get online, create documents, spreadsheets or just check emails, enjoy movies, songs etc etc. It’s not meant for anything more. That’s what makes it simple. In fact, I think Chrome will be a household operating system that could be easily be operated by people who haven’t ever touched computers in their lives…

    Rohit Langde - November 22, 2009

    @Jaky Astik, No buddy, I don’t think it will be useful for people who haven’t even touched computer. It’s only and only meant for Web surfers, that’s it. As I told, you can call it a browser. Anyways, wait for future releases and let’s see what Google has to say about it on official release.

Guitar Tuition Reviews - November 22, 2009

Good article, not thrilled to hear this but I will check it out in a VM.

Surya - November 22, 2009

It’s not released yet, you run the developer build. You can look the concept here http://www.chromium.org/chromium-os/user-experience. The concept look like not final too.

NetChunks - November 23, 2009

You can get the VMWare/Virtual Box version of Google Chrome here http://netchunks.com/news/technology-news/google-chrome-os-available-as-vmware/ You will need VMware player or Virtual Box to run the OS. But yes it is truly disappointing. It is just a highly developed Web Browser which can act like an OS. No plus from me for Chromium

MyiPress - November 23, 2009

Are you serious? You’re reviewing and rating an OS that does not even exist yet and won’t exist for another year.

Google have only released the source code, not the OS.

Did you compile the source code into your own OS? Is that why it sucks?
Did you compile it onto an SSD or a normal drive? Is that why its slow?

When Google released the source code to the open source community to “play” with, they probably had bets on how long it would take before someone mistakenly reviewed it as the final product…

Who would have thought it would happen this quick… lol

I will probably wait till next year and listen to the real reviews before making any judgments. Thanks anyway!

    Rohit Langde - November 23, 2009

    @MyiPress, Thanks for your comment. I never quoted it as “Slow”, Its fast, easy and simple. But Google OS is no big thing as its just a browser. You are correct, We should wait for another year and we shall see more new features like Google drive, Docs incorporated on this Cloud based OS!

James Thomas - April 28, 2010

I have tried using Chrome OS in one of my desktop PC’s, the overall performance is above average to excellent –

Lauren Wright - May 20, 2010

For me, the best operating system is Linux because it rarely hangs.-;”

Benjamin Edwards - July 27, 2010

operating systems can either make or break your system that is why it is wise to choose a vey stable one..””

Aaliyah Wood - September 13, 2010

with regards to PC operating system, i love Windows XP and Linux””`

Adam Clarke - October 11, 2010

I have just tried the chrome OS image on a virtual machine and its just Open Suse with a few tweaks. I am very disappointed. They could have done so much more. The android base kernel has so much potential but instead they just roll out another skinned copy of a previous OS.

L-Tyrosine : - October 24, 2010

Linux is still the best when it comes to stability and Windows for ergonomics`~`

Kitchen Units - December 20, 2010

there are many different operating systems but of course i would still prefer to use linux for stability ..”

sven - March 21, 2011

First-class info it is really. My girlfriend has been waiting for this update.


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