4 Awesome Games You Can Play on Google Chrome Browser

Google Chrome is indeed one of the most powerful web browser today. It’s makes our day-to-day internet job easier but now you can use it to relax and play games when you feel stressed out.

With Google Chrome web store recently launched there are many applications and games emerging daily.

Here are list of 4  Google chrome web store games I like to play to kill some time.

Do note that these are just ports to play the game on Google Chrome and every time you start playing a game all the data is loaded online. Therefore people on limited data plans should give it a second thought before proceeding.

Planet vs. Zombies


This is one of the most popular and addictive game ever for desktops and mobile devices. All you need to do is collect sun’s enerdy and plant special flowers with each having its special abilities to safeguard your house from the wave of zombies approaching towards it.

Download Plants vs Zombies

Tiger Woods PGA Tour


Tiger Woods PGA tour is one of the best game on Google chrome web store for sports addicts. You can practice or play championships on many available golf courses. You can also socialize with other players on web, chat with them and even share and compare individual scores.

Download Tiger Woods PGA Tour

Google Pacman


Pacman is one of the most played game till date and now you can play Google Pacman on your chrome browser to kill some time and at the same time have some fun. You can also play multiplayer on the same system to challenge your friend.

Download Google Pacman



You can now play FarmVille, one of the most popular game of Facebook, on Google chrome. Go ahead, Dig your farm, share it with your neighbors and connect with millions of other farmers online.

Download FarmVille

There are many more games waiting for you so go ahead and try them all. Do share with us your favorite game and experience of playing it on Chrome browser.

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