Google Chromebook: What all we know and Is it Worth Buying Chromebook

Google Chrome OS is in news again as Chrome OS based Netbooks were revealed in recently held I/O Conference. Chromebook is a new term for Netbook / Laptop running in Google Chrome Operating system. Let’s go in detail of it’s configuration and know how of these new devices.

What is Google Chrome OS

We already had a preview of early version of Chrome OS released in 2009 where we mentioned that it is no more than a browser. So, it should be taken in mind that Chrome OS works on Cloud and ONLY useful for working online.

Recent improvements includes support for USB Mass storage which can handle some File extensions like a video / image or Presentation. It is useful when you want to work on files on the cloud using webwares like Google Docs, Piknik, etc.

It is in no way a competition to Windows Operating system as concept of working and approach in both cases is completely different.

Google Chromebooks

What is Chromebook

As promised, Google delivered Chrome OS Netbooks which they now call Chromebook in Market. As of now, two manufacturers, Samsung and Acer are offering Chromebooks which will be on sale from June 15th 2011. Then you can buy it from Amazon.

Google Chromebooks run on Intel Atom Processor and 16 GB solid state Hard Disk. Comes in 3G and Wi-Fi variants and includes USB Ports, Web Cam and HDMI port.

Advantages of Chromebook– It’s lightweight and boots up faster – Just 8 seconds which is essential to get instantly working on. Also, the company claims the battery would last for 8.5 Hours which is enough for working throughout a day as far as Business user is considered.

Is it worth buying Chromebook

Internet (whether 3G or Wi Fi) isn’t reliable or accessible always owing to reasons like remote locations, geographical factors, etc. And Google Chromebooks isn’t completely useless without Internet connection but you are in limited access. This is because of HTML5 WebStorage module which has capability to store data on our machines in form of cookies or small cache.

Still, Chromebook doesn’t make sense without Internet connection.

Do we need a netbook just to surf the web? Obviously not as we also want to install applications and work on our projects even when there is no Internet which requires offline access to files and operating software program.

For Schools and Students– In a country like India where if you just want to spread Internet Literacy, Chromeebook could be a good option as students will have access only to the things they should.

For Business and even Home Users, it is not a good choice. Cloud Computing is great but it should be in complimentary with Local Computing to make sense.

Will Google continue with Chromebook

The concept of Chrome OS, as we know, is very new and it may be the future, but today still has many turns to give. Though, Google is not only responsible to make the ball roll but the whole community should support to make it success. Google is known for discontinuing their failed projects so, no one can assure that.

Are you still Interested

May be you are just fascinated by the term Cloud Computing and want to experience but the truth is you will be completely restricted in that environment.

Then I would recommend you to buy a Netbook worth 350$ and install Chrome browser in it to experience Chromebook. Ohh, you already have a netbook and want a separate Operating system just for browsing, give a try to Splashtop OS which also boots instantly.

Conclusion – I couldn’t understand the reason behind bringing up new devices when you already have others efficient existing in market. Even Android Tablets or Apple iPad could do what Chromebook offers infact more than that. So, it simply doesn’t make sense to buy a Google Chromebook.

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Avinash Kumpati - May 18, 2011

I completely disagree to the point of selecting Tablets over Google Chromebooks. Chromebooks have many advantages which can hassle free for IT administrators. They are easy to manage, with built-in secuirty, lower cost.
Additionally, Google will not discontinue these kind of innovations, they have an awesome road map for Chromebooks.

ChessBaron - May 21, 2011

I just wish that Google would bring their resources to bear with a fully fledged OS rather than a glorified browser. But… for it to work – it really needs to become mainstream, not just an also-ran. Perhaps that’s why they haven’t done so yet.

Worth mentioning that I use nothing but their browser, which is fast and reliable – streets ahead of IE and FF

vijay gupta - May 23, 2011

The only things that I like is the google chrome. It’s really fast and easy to use compare to firefox, IE and other browsers.

club penguin - August 24, 2011

good advice


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