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Google Labs engines are always running and now they have released a gem called as Fast Flip. Basically, a new version of their Google News, called Google fast flip, making it easier to browse multiple news sources through one outlet.

This page tries to blend experimental bringing experience in magazines / newspapers printed on online world, eliminating wait time and allowing a completely visual navigation between news. This is done by preloading static images of various news sites, adding a user interface designed to move from one image to another instantly.

google fast flip

The news comes from some 40 popular sources in the world (The New York Times, The Washington Post, BBC, Esquire, etc.). The predominance of newspapers and magazines seem to reveal a move aimed at calming the anger some of the serious press. The effect is very accomplished, but only serves to take a look: if you want to read the full story we must go to the source.

The content is organized by theme, and this is precisely the strength of Fast Flip: to review various perspectives on the same story. If they know strengthen this aspect could be an interesting tool with a future, if you do not know exploit, simply would be in a feed reader spectacular but limited and unhelpful. By the way, it has a mobile version for Android and iPhone, which works the same or better.

Site :Google Fast Flip

From : Official Google Blog

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