How to use Google Maps Offline on Android without Data network

Google Maps are no doubt the most detailed and reliable Map but with a limitation that you cannot use it offline. Continuous Data Network is required to cache map Tiles, Search and Navigate but recent update tries to offer Google Maps offline on Android. Here’s how..

With mobile applications like Google Maps, and maps from around the world, can carry information of restaurants, hotels and more. However, when traveling outside your country the question arises: how to use the excellent Google maps without connecting to Internet? The solution is offline Google Maps feature without any 3rd Party Application.

Online vs offline maps Maps

The mobile mapping applications are numerous. Many of them are excellent and offer a good way to orient themselves in the city or even go routes down the mountain. One of the most common problems is not having 3G or WiFi, or just do not want to drain battery or mobile phone balance.

Google Maps in it’s latest version lets you save Maps offline on Android Device so that they can be accessed afterwards without Data connection.

How to Pre Cache Google Maps Tiles offline

Idea behind using Google Maps offline is storing maps you want of the place where you are going to when you are on WiFi / 3G. Then use the same stored data offline.

First step is to Update and install Latest Google Maps for Android as older version didn’t support offline maps feature.

The option to view online maps is somewhat hidden. To activate, go to Menu> Settings> More> Labs and Labs Store in pre-cache the map area. Once enabled, and you can save the area that interests you. For example, if you travel to NewYork, you have the entire map of the city always available offline.

To save the map, you have to open it and click on the bubble with the name of the city, neighborhood or specific location you want to save. Then click on Precache Map Area. You can see an example in the screenshot below.

Pre Caching Google Maps Tiles

Radius of 10 Miles from the point you selected is saved offline.

Done! You are ready to go out and use these maps offline. Note that Searching and Navigation still requires Data Connection but that’s minimal as compared to Maps data. Also, only outline tiles are saved not Satellite and Traffic Data.

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