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Google Plus Theme to give a Facebook like Makeover to Google+

Not more than few days since Google Plus became available publicly and people have actually started liking it. Lot more comparison has been made between Facebook and Google Plus Social network. If you have switched to Google+ and not happy with the minimalistic white interface because you are so used to Facebook then here is a choice for you.

How to install Google Plus Theme

Theme is actually made possible thanks to userscript named ‘googleplusfacebook‘ which can be installed via Stylish addon available for Web Browser.

This adds a Facebook like Bluebar on top navigation pane and other header items are made to resemble Facebook.

Google Plus Theme

As I said, we are doing it on Browser level so, it is visible to ourselves and not all visitors. Theme isn’t anyhow linked to your Google+ Account and just a simple CSS hack.

To get back to default or original Google+ Theme interface, uninstall the theme from Stylish addon or comeplete Stylish Addon.

Final Words: Sounds interesting but not so practical and can be implemented just for fun. It is similar to Facebook Themes which we did using Greasemonkey and other tools.

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Watch Indian Tv Serials - July 3, 2011

very good facebook theme

tejas - July 4, 2011

Hey bro can you please send me a request to join google+ pls pls pls

    Rohit Langde - July 4, 2011

    Go directly to plus.google.com and join. Its open to all now.


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