Access Google Talk & Facebook Chat From One Single Android App

To be connected with friends all the time is a desire that everyone has. With a smart phone like Android we have many options to do so.  There are many Free apps available to do this, like Nimbuss, Im+, ebuddy etc. All these apps provides advance features like, group sharing, multiple Social Network chat, group chat, VOIP services and many more.

If you are using a high end android device then you might enjoy the above mentioned services without further thoughts. But the problem that I faced with a mid range device like Galaxy Ace or Galaxy Y is that these apps run a bit slow. Probably while switching to other chat window when several chats are in progress. Another thing about big services is that you will be needing to create an account with them first. The fact about having multiple chats is that though you are provided with several services, you will be using only few of them. Facebook and Gtalk stands at top of the list.

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So why not go along with an app that provides you just the features that you need. is a simple free app that allows you to do exactly the same.

Features of

  • App is simple and fast.
  • Add multiple Gtalk and Facebook accounts.
  • Chat delivery report.
  • Chat sync over multiple devices.
  • Mark contacts as favorite.
  • Leave offline messages.

facebook & gtalk chat app android

When you fire up the app for the first time, you will be presented with the login page. Login to any service you want, the chat list appears instantly. To add more accounts later, tap on @ and add the account. The best thing is that you can add multiple Gtalk and Facebook accounts. This is particularly useful when you have separate personal and business Gmail accounts.

facebook gtalk multiple account chat android

There are three tabs, Chats, favorites and online. In online friends section, you can see all friends online from Facebook and Gtalk in alphabetical order. To avoid confusion there is a small source logo beside every contact. you can also make a quick search to find friends from list.

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Developers have also listed future updates to be added which include; Free SMS credits, Smiley packs, Group chat across all networks, Support for Windows Live Messenger and adding many more services.

Conclusion is a very simple app. It is light weight and loads extremely fast. There is no delay in sending or receiving messages. I will recommend this app to people who are just looking for a chat client for Facebook and Gtalk at one place. Obviously it lacks some basic features as of now, but surely its efficient and you can get to the task straight away.



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