Google’s popularity lies in its simplicity

It’s not the thing that Google was first to enter into the web world services that made it popular. Take example of Search engines, even though the world had good enough search engines like Yahoo! and eXcite and Google entered it lately and overtaken them. The X-factor is its simplicity, What the customer wants is the simple and instant and Google gave it ans this thing led him to be Popular

Take example of Google Search-¬†When Yahoo! and eXcite took design of site and its impressive looks primarily, Google continued to be simple and giving efficient and effective results. It never went for image/banner ads for revenue. Still today, Google homepage has nothing to load except logo and search button which makes simple. Google’s search effectiveness is also an important factor.

When Gmail was launched, the world had many alternatives but gmail emerged to be most popular that’s too because of its simplicity (no banner ads), simple interference and fast loading. It should be noted that necessity of Gmail ID on Orkut, Adsense and other services also forced users to use it.

Recently, Google Chrome browser launched even though we had Firefox, Opera, IE and list goes on. Google Chrome (still Beta) but its very impressive not because of its looks but because of its simple interference. This too starts up and browse the web faster since it has nothing much to load that’s why called as Naked Browser.

There are other examples like Google Docs, GooglePages, Google Apps and how can you foreget Orkut (not originated from Google labs but acquired one) but yet simple.

With this simple example of Google, we bloggers should take lesson and try to make our weblogging simple yet effective. Eventhough, effectiveness of anything is necessary for it work but Simplicity should be considered on primary basis. This would help you to gather more traffic and those who don’t have a geeky mind like you.

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Pavan Kumar - September 25, 2008

Really a good report…

Rahul Bansal - September 25, 2008

Nice article Rohit, just one correction.

You don’t need Gmail ID to access Orkut or other Google services.

Technically, you need Google Account which may or may not have Gmail in it.



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