Simple Grooveshark Downloader to get Free English / Hindi MP3 Songs Download

For those who don’t know, Grooveshark is online music streaming portal where you can find almost any songs around the world. You cannot download directly from Grooveshark in MP3 format but here is a simple tool to do that.

Other tools like Sharkthief and Scilor’s tool already exists which downloads Music from Grooveshark in MP3 format but Groovedown did it’s job seamlessly in few clicks.

Simple Grooveshark Download tool

Groovedown is simple Download tool for; Just enter the name of song / Artist / Album and press enter to start download. What more, you can get Popular Songs list from Grooveshark from Tools.

So, you get free download of Legal songs (correct me if I am wrong) right from Grooveshark Library. Please note that it may violate TOS of Grooveshark so use it at your own risk.

And yes, it works on Windows, Linux and Mac too. No more options to tweak and portable so no need to install.

Download Groovedown


It is another simple and small tool with one window interface. Type the search keyword and download. For bulk download, press CTRL key and select the songs to download and right click to begin.

Grooveshark downloader software for Mac Windows Linux

Downloaded songs are stored by default in My Music. You can click on Choose Destination button beside Search box to change the download location.

Good thing is it supports Mac and Linux too along with Windows. Head over to download link for installation details.

Download Groove-dl

If you are looking for Desktop player for Grooveshark and not downloading then try GrooveWalrus.

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SciLor - December 29, 2010

As alternative I would like to name my very own tool:

SciLor’s Grooveshark(tm).com Downloader

Jesse - March 10, 2011

Groovedown is good if you want a very simple grooveshark downloader. If you want to step it up a notch with some unbeatable features such as downloading an entire playlist with a few clicks I for one recomment Scilor’s grooveshark downloader. If you just want something simple go for this. Either way you won’t be disappointed 🙂


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