Easily Group & Organize Photos According to Events with a Single Click

Are you a bad manager of photos? Or someone who is very busy and do not have time to manage your pictures daily? Specially when you take dozens of photos in every event of your life. Arranging each of them manually is really a tiresome job.

Well there is always a solution to every problem. Media Event Organizer is a freeware that will help u organize your photos daily. It is surprising how it automatically organizes the photos on your computer as per the events that you specify.

Its functioning is pretty simple. Based on the date when the photo was taken, it can group the photos in one folder. If we say that in a trip we take photos and keep adding them randomly, the manager will group all of them for the entire span of trip in one folder and it can create sub folders of photos days wise if required as per each day.

This feature works on the fact that it organizes the photo on the basis of the event gap that we specify. If we tell it that an event is for say seven days, then all photos’ date that are less than seven will be put in a single event’s folder. Media Event Organizer also gives you another freedom.

If you create separate daily folders for the photos in a long trip and keep adding them separately, Media Event Organizer will scan all the photos in your computer and fetch all the photos during that span of trip and put them in one folder.

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