Grow up Guys, Give up IE 6

ie6-hateIf you are still using Internet Explorer 6, upgrade your browser immediately. Internet Explorer 6 is still a headache for developers who can not see their work as they wish, and this because IE6 does not meet the standard HTML and CSS 2.0. Personally, Now I don’t care about How my website looks in IE6. Various campaigns to convince people for stop using IE 6 have been run on Internet and this post is my contribution into it.

What’s Wrong in using IE 6 ?

  1. It is insecure. Many exploits were discovered in it so far, and more are constantly discovered.
  2. It lags behind other browsers in standards-compliance and so prevents web designers from using some very nice tricks in their pages. Some of this is caused by the many bugs it has.
  3. It does not have many of the usability features that more modern browsers like Mozilla, Opera, etc. have. Use a different browser for a while and you wouldn’t want to switch back.

Some more facts about it

  1. This is a browser that PC World rated one of the worst tech products of all time.
  2. Search Google and you’ll get about 68,300,000 results for internet explorer 6 problems.


According to W3Schools statistics, IE6 currently holds 18.5% of market share. It means there is much to eliminate. The main reason behind it is that this is a default browser on Windows Xp and users are lazy and ignorant to upgrade. Many people even don’t know there is a World beyond IE 6- Fro them, IE Logo means Internet connectivity.

October 18 of the 2009 is expected day when this initiative will be implemented on most of the web. So, you too go for some another alternative like Opera, Mozilla, Safari or  IE 7 as soon as possible.

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Abhishek - March 13, 2009

IE6 sux !! i suggest all to use FF3 if not at least go for Higher versions of IE !!!
thanks for posting !!

venkat - March 13, 2009

you are right at least we should use updated version of IE 7 that’s much better than IE 6 even though IE 7 is not still secured,Firefox is best browser any way.

    Abhishek - March 14, 2009

    I agree IE7 is not enough secure but at least site looks is not hampered !!

Ajay - March 13, 2009

Based on my stats, only a very tiny percent of visitors use IE6. So, i just don’t care about what my sites look like in IE6.


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