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Write For Us – Guest Post on Blogsolute

Interested to become an Author on Blogsolute.com? You can join Blogsolute and share your views/ideas or news with our huge reader base.

What can I write about?

As a Blog dealing with Technology niche, you can write about any related things like Software Review, Internet Tools, WebWares and consumer gadgets. For more, check out the topics already covered by this blog.

What do I get in return?

  • Backlinks : Though we believe Bloggers don’t guest blog for backlinks alone, yet we appreciate their contribution to Blogsolute by allowing them to use 2 of their own links on their guest post. You can use one link on the Author bio and you can link your existing article inside the body. We don’t accept “Keyword” links and we’ll remove it. Please remember that we have the right to modify the links if they don’t cope with this.
  • Promotion : Your guest post will be promoted on various social networks and we will maximize our efforts to improve your brand.

How do I submit my article?

Possibly, try to mention the title of article and overview in 1-2 lines which would help me decide about its acceptance. If you are attaching article then write title in Subject of Email. For example: Guest Post: <Title of Article>.

All mails are replied within 24 Hours.

If you haven’t received a reply, consider yourself rejected. Read the guidelines again and make a quality article for re-submission.

Guidelines :

  • Article should be minimum 1000+ words.
  • It should make sense and should be informative to readers,
  • It should not be a copied one. (I personally carry out plagiarism check before posting)
  • As far as possible, write evergreen content.
  • Remember, We want somebody but not anybody.