Hack Nokia S60v5 and S60v3 Phones when HelloOX is not Working

Symbian phones are well known for their versatility for application support. Apart from just having vast application availability, there are also many modifications available to the software environment which lets you improve your phone performance and add additional features to it. But you will no be able to perform all these operations just with a newly bought Symbian. Nokia restricts users from having full access to its files which is required to implement some mods and install various applications. Hence the phone is needed to be Hacked.

Well, there are many applications that can be installed by signing them with your personal key and certificate, but some applications may simply not work by this method. Till date the simplest method known to hack symbian phones was HelloOX, which is a small application that can automatically hack your phone in few easy steps.

In recent times it is seen that many S60V5 and V3 phones became unhackable by HelloOX due to upgrade in firmware version. Users can easily find this out as HelloOx gets stuck in “Installing Root Certificates” stage. This was the situation with me having Nokia 5235. So here I will share another method to hack your phones which is actually flashing it. It sounds bit tough but believe me it is not so.

First of all I would like to thanks Dailymobile forum members Oreo27 and Xlife18 for helping me out through the whole process. Now lets take a look at the things that you need to do before flashing your Nokia Phone.

  • Your Phone model, software version and RM i.e RM- 588 in my case (*#0000#).
  • Go to Dailymobile forum register there(free registration required for posting comments) and click Here to visit the thread.

  • Search for your model and firmware version there on the first page, if you do not find it just leave a request and the thread main page will be updated within a day or sooner.
  • As you get your model and version listed in the thread, download the file(uda) and save it for later reference. If you have nokia 5235 go for same version files of Nokia 5230 and so till the RM version is same.
  • Visit the site Btusers and download the firmware version for your device selecting it by the RM version. This is an important step, select the version for your country else after flashing you may not find the appropriate language to work with. You may also find firmwares with same product ID for your region but one with 7 files and other with 8 files. You may download any one with them as they only differ in color variants. Files will be named as listed below( version will be according to your model).

RM588_0599208_12.6.092_001.vpl (4.87 kB)

RM-588_12.6.092_prd.core.C00 (89.08 MB)

RM-588_12.6.092_prd.rofs2.V22 (31.10 MB)

RM-588_12.6.092_C01_prd.rofs3.fpsx (6.16 MB)

RM588_12.6.092_006_000_U001.uda.fpsx (5.33 MB)

RM588_0599208_12.6.092_001.dcp (14.89 kB)

RM588_0599208_12.6.092_001.spr (2.37 kB)

RM588_0599208_12.6.092_001_signature.bin (1.86 kB)

  • After you have downloaded all these files 50% of work is done. Now you have to download Jaf, Pkey emulator and latest INI files. These download links can be found in the forum main post. I had tried to use phoenix also but Jaf is much easier to use and worked fine for me.
  • One thing you must note that Jaf works properly in Windows Xp, I have tried to work with it on Windows 7 but it did not work even in compatibility mode. So advance users can use Virtual Work station to install Xp or just use a friends computer with Xp on it if you are not much comfortable with Virtual Workstation. For people doing it on virtual windows, please do not minimize the virtual window and run Jaf because in doing so jaf will give error while starting. So press ALT+CTRL+ENTER to go to fullscreen then restart xp and start Jaf again.
  • As you are done with installation of Jaf, install Nokia Pc suit in xp if you have not got it and connect your phone once so that the drivers get installed.
  • Now replace the file “RM588_12.6.092_006_000_U001.uda.fpsx” with the file that was provided for your model in the forum. Just rename the file to the name given in the original firmware package and put all the files creating a folder RM-588, this will again differ according to your model RM.
  • Create folders as given c:\program files\Nokia\Phoenix\products\RM-588. This RM-588 is the one you created in the previous step.

  • Now run Jaf as instructed in the forum through the Pkey emulator, ignore any warning messages.

  • Run Jaf in BB5 as it is used for flashing S60V3 and V5 phones.
  • Tick on Manual Flash, Dead USB, remove tick from CRT 308 (else you will get IMEI back up error), then tick on use INI.

  • Ticking on use INI will bring up a window from where you can select RM for your phone.

  • After you have finished previous step click on Flash button on rght hand side, you will get a warning. At this point switch off your phone and connect it to the computer via usb cable then press ok.

  • When the application says “searching for phone” press the power button of phone for half second. Well for nokia 5235 I have noted that the pressing time is bit more. If after pressing the power button nothing happens try altering the time of pressing, I had succeeded in this step after many tries.
  • Once the Phone is found it will be automatically flashed.

As the phone is flashed and you get Done message from Jaf, open the cable and take out phone battery, then restart again. Your phone will start like the first time.

Now You need to copy these two patches to E:\Patches(i.e create Patches foder in root of memory card) and then go to Menu-> Apps-> Installed apps->RomPatcher+. When you open rompatcher+ you will find two patches i.e Install Server RP+ and Open4All RP+, double tap on them and they will be enabled and turn to green. Install Server RP+ patch is for installing unsigned applications and Open4All RP+ patch is to access phone system folders i.e c:\sys\bin. You can also download Rompatcher2.3+ and install it. Then from options add the patches to auto, this will enable you to automatically patch phone on every restart, if it do not work you can do it manually after every restart. After this your phone is totally hacked.

Note: I have tested this on Nokia 5235 and I have done the exact same things as above. If you find any trouble or difficulty in performing these steps please ask here or in the forum thread. Taking any steps without understanding may leave your phone dead forever. Go through all the comments in the forum thread to get clear understanding of problems and their solutions that other people had.

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Digifuntush - July 13, 2010

Damn Excellent Guide.. will reblog it for sure.

Mehul - July 14, 2010

dont u have it for Nokia 5800 XM??

    Sourojit Nandi - July 14, 2010

    Yes, it is applicable to all S60V5 and V3 handsets. Just go through the post, I have mentioned every thing. And particularly for 5800XM, yes you can hack it as well using this technique. Check out the given forum link for the version of firmware you are using.

      romeo1231 - November 16, 2010

      Hi guys. I’m getting an error when starting
      the JAF Pkey Emulator.
      Checking Windows version …
      Windows version: Microsoft Windows XP
      Searching for JAF install location …
      Saved winscard.dll to: C:\Program Files
      Saved original.dll to: C:\Program Files\ODEON
      Starting JCOP emulator …
      Saved JCOP.EXE to: C:\Program Files\ODEON
      JCOP emulator started succesfull on port
      Powering JCOP simulator …
      ERROR: JCSIMU_send_receive timeout
      ERROR: JCSIMU_reset_card send_receive
      ERROR: Cannot get ATR from JCOP simulator!
      Please can anybody tell me the solution for this problem i need it urgently.

      himalay - February 25, 2011

      sir i have hacsk my nokia 5235 version 40.6.003 but when i open rompatcher it say:sys/bin/patcher*.LDD not found what should i do .sir plz reply me i m waiting for ur response

        Sourojit Nandi - February 25, 2011

        Did you copy the 2 patch files in memory card as given in the article?

          himalay - February 28, 2011

          yes sir i have copy both the file

          prabhu - September 10, 2011

          where can i get jaf to hack 5230

        Maunil - September 8, 2011

        hey can you provide me with nokia 5235 version 40.6.003 hack guide…thanks awaiting ur reply please reply soon thanks

VASU - July 15, 2010


kk_nokia - July 18, 2010

after selecting use ini, i selected rm-588 and press ok, the following log came,
Searching for default location of ini…
Checking path: \Products\RM-588\
Searching for JAF saved location of ini…
Checking path: C:\Program Files\Nokia\Phoenix\Products\RM-588\
No ini files found…
MCU Flash file: NONE
PPM Flash file: NONE
CNT Flash file: NONE
APE Variant file: NONE

i did copied the downloaded files to C:\Program Files\Nokia\Phoenix\products\RM-588, but its unable to recognize the files, some one please help


    Sourojit Nandi - July 18, 2010

    Did you copy the latest INI file as given in the forum, Just download the INI file given in the forum link and replace it in JAF folder, so that it supports your phone.

      kk_nokia - July 18, 2010

      Thanks for replying so fast. This is the forum link to download INI file right ?
      So in that link, under 3B. JAF, its mentioned Download the latest JAF .ini and place it in the JAF installation folder, but where is the link to ini file? i cant find , it would be helpful if u provide the specific link

        Sourojit Nandi - July 18, 2010

        Here it is http://forum.dailymobile.se/index.php/topic,23054.0.html
        See it works or not. I forgot the exact INI that I used coz I did it few weeks back. If downloading INI from this thread do not work then I will upload the INI I used..
        What is your Phone model?

          kk_nokia - July 18, 2010

          that file is not working, nokia 5230 is specified in that ini file, in the emulator when i clicked use ini, rm-588 option is coming but after that when i click OK, Searching for JAF saved location of ini…
          Checking path: C:\Program Files\Nokia\Phoenix\Products\RM-588\
          No ini files found…
          is coming,why is it not able to recognize the files? what exactly is the problem?


          kk_nokia - July 18, 2010

          my phone model is 5230

          Sourojit Nandi - July 18, 2010


          I tried to do that again, with tick only on manual flash and dead flash with CRT 308 unticked.This is what I get….

          Searching for JAF saved location of ini…
          Checking path: C:\Program Files\Nokia\Phoenix\Products\RM-588\
          Scanning ini files…
          Searching for default location of ini…
          Checking path: \Products\RM-588\
          Checking path: C:\Program Files\Nokia\Phoenix\Products\RM-588\
          MCU Flash file: C:\Program Files\Nokia\Phoenix\Products\RM-588\RM-588_12.6.092_prd.core.C00
          PPM Flash file: C:\Program Files\Nokia\Phoenix\Products\RM-588\RM-588_12.6.092_prd.rofs2.V22
          CNT Flash file: C:\Program Files\Nokia\Phoenix\Products\RM-588\RM-588_12.6.092_C01_prd.rofs3.fpsx
          APE Variant file: C:\Program Files\Nokia\Phoenix\Products\RM-588\RM588_12.6.092_006_000_U001.uda.fpsx
          Languages in ppm: English,Singapore,Indonisia,Malasia

          I uploaded my INI file at http://www.ziddu.com/download/10765672/jaf_nok4models.rar.html
          Put this in C:\Program Files\ODEON\JAF , It should work becoz i am using same settings and same steps as mentioned here. Have you replaced the .uda file ?

          If you have all steps correctly and still getting error, register in the forum and ask this question in the thread. People there are very helpful and will give you a probable solution.

kk_nokia - July 18, 2010

I followed as per the tutoria.l This is what i did:-
i downloaded all the required files from btusers, replaced RM-588_20.0.005_001_000_U001.uda.fpsx with the hacked one, then copied the whole folder RM-588 under E:\backup\ppgms\nokiagames\newhacking, installed JAF.1.98.62, replaced ini file, then i ran PKEY emulator v5, now i selected as mentioned, ticked use INI, now it is able to recognize RM-588 NOKIA 5230 CABLE 5800, but when i clicked ok, No ini files found…
MCU Flash file: NONE
PPM Flash file: NONE
CNT Flash file: NONE
the above message is coming. please help. I am not sure whats the problem

I also posted this message in dailymobile forum, hope some one will give solution, in case u find any thing plz tell… I pretty much wasted the whole day on this :(, still not able to hack..thanks for the replies and guide

    Sourojit Nandi - July 18, 2010

    why did you copy it here “RM-588 under E:\backup\ppgms\nokiagames\newhacking”. did you copy it in “c:\program files\nokia\phoenix\products\RM-588”.
    Only difference I used PKEY emulater v4, hope this does not make any difference, you can try once with v4.

    Hey Dont say you wasted a day, but at end you will learn something. I didnt sleep for 3 days after this, as I had to do flashing 5235 with 5230 firmware and was having hell lot of problems but thankfully forum members rescued me…

      kk_nokia - July 18, 2010

      i did copied to C:\Program Files\Nokia\Phoenix\products\RM-588, i will try with emulator v4 later, i didnt mean its a waste of time, i am just saying that i might be doing some thing wrong regarding the procedure, your article is of gr8 help..

        Sourojit Nandi - July 18, 2010

        Ok, If your next try fails, try reinstalling JAF, coz your JAF is failing to recognize the files. Or you can add me to your gtalk so that I can assist you during the process. I can understand how bad and impatient you must be feeling. I will try my best to help. Gtalk ID- sourojit258@gmail.com , inform me once after you add me.

          kk_nokia - July 19, 2010

          i added your id

    swapnil - September 27, 2010

    for ini file error
    if u have them correct
    try my method


    watch this video and select your files from the firmware
    and hit the flash without checking USE INI box but uncheck CRT box
    hit flash
    rest is easy pizy…
    best luck

Rajesh - July 19, 2010

Sourojit good to see your blog , pl guide us about ethical hacking from scratch , how can one hack a system on the lan we do not know the IP of the computer and if we know the IP of the computer let us start from here

Thanks !

    Sourojit Nandi - July 19, 2010

    Well hacking a phone and hacking a computer both are totally different topics. Hacking your own phone gives you freedom to bypass some restrictions and that does not harm others. But hacking a computer stands itself in a broad category to talk about. You can search these things in google to get more information.

swapnil - July 22, 2010

hii surojit
great post
but when i tried to use the above method using phoenix for my nokia 5235
it displayed digital signature missing error
while detecting the product code in
flashing>firmware update
is it a problem because i have got and downloaded 7 file out of 8 u hv suggested above?


    Sourojit Nandi - July 22, 2010

    I also got the exact same error as yours while using Phoenix. That is why I recommended using JAF. And you have to download either of the firmware with 7 or one with 8 files(not downloading 7 files out of 8). I have downloaded the one with 7 files. Please use JAF it takes a minute to flash and upgrade with hacked firmware.

    update: You can download the latest firmware for nokia 5230 i.e 21.0.004, and get the hacked uda from forum. This works well on 5235 and also has smooth performance. I did it last night and it works fine.

      nappayya007 - August 13, 2010

      hi friend,
      can i hack my nokia 5230 v 21.0.004
      pls help me.

DJ-KEL - July 22, 2010

plz can some1 download this firmware form “http://www.bandung-flasher.com” and upload it to mediafire.com Download link “http://www.bandung-flasher.com/attachments/nokia-5230-rm-588/23375d1278530244-nokia-firmware-5230-rm-588_europe_20-0-005_v6-17-rm-588_europe_20.0.005_v6.17.exe” problem downloading becoz of low internet plz…

faraz - August 7, 2010

hello sir thanx for your wonderful tutorial but im having a problem when it says press power buttom now i press power on but then it says phone not found plzz help

diwa - August 14, 2010

hi. i want to hack nokia 5530 RM_504 firmware v31.0.005. so please help me.

Mounir - August 15, 2010


Is it possible to hack and play N-Gage games on the Nokia C6 (RM 612 and Software
V 10.0.021)? I hope somebody can help me. Thanks.


dr pranjal das - August 28, 2010

I have bought a Nokia 5235 recently with Firmware version 12.6.092 and RM 588. I want to hack.Which version should I opt for.I tried it with the latest firmware for 5230 by following ur footsteps using Jaf.everything goes well till the part when it says Searching for phone. I press the power button and switch on the phone then it says “:phone not found.I went thru this for innumerable times and am getting really frustrated. what is wrong with my phone.

custom version:
Product code: 0598716

    Sourojit Nandi - August 29, 2010

    @dr pranjal das

    Have you installed PC SUITE first? I had faced this problem initially with my 5235. So connect your phone to PC Suite first for all phone drivers to be installed on system.

Abhoy - September 11, 2010

Dude really a gr8 job… i hav finally hacked my Nokia 5235…. n also a frens 5233… at first i was afraid but at last decided to take a chance and at the end i was successful. thnks really dude… u r awesome… i feel hello ox is a shit application which only stucks in installing Root certificates.. Anyone who wants to hack his/her mobile phone use the above method it will definately work…. n after that install unsigned applications nirvana…

I used :

Navifirm to download firmware
Rom patcher lite 2.3. ….. remember to copy Patcher.ldd and the other file into the c:\ drive by making FOLDER “sys\bin” n inside bin u paste both the files.. and the other patches into the patches folder in E: drive
BYee enjoy ur hacked mobile…

    sudip - September 11, 2011

    i copy the pacher.ldd as your details but show again, patcher.ldd not found.what i do.my nokia5233 v50.1.001

      Sourojit Nandi - September 12, 2011

      Where exactly did you put it in?

        sudip - September 12, 2011

        when i am coping two paches \sis\bin in memory card then it shows acces denied.what i do please tell me someone.how i copy two patches \sis\bin folder in memory card?

swapnil - September 15, 2010

hiiii Sourojit

i have the nokia 5235

i had went trough the whole procedure of JAF
but when i checked the USE INI check box
it displayed “cant find the ini file error” and a window screen of select your model with no models in it
even when i had tried the link suggested by you for replacing JAF INI file

may be if you can give me the link to download latest INI file or any suggestion would be very help full.

Raman - October 21, 2010

What is the requirement for flashing nokia 5230 . Pls guide me pal . I want ur help

Naveen - October 21, 2010

How to unhack the phone???

    Sourojit Nandi - October 21, 2010

    Just restart the phone or disable the patches..

Izakki!!! - November 12, 2010

i cant found my phones rm (nokia 5230) when i click use ini. What i have to do Please Help Me

Izakki!!! - November 12, 2010

Now i found it but it says can´t detect flashing server.

Muhammad Nouman - December 13, 2010

hi…sir i do all that which is written on this page….but i am not succeded..my cell is 5530 with RM-504…i download all 7 files make a folder in c…but the jaf software didn’t recognize anything…could you help me and provide me a good jaf software..plzzz

Manindra murmu - December 18, 2010

Hello sir thank u very much for ur flashing tutorial n I have dne all mentioned above my firmwire is 21.0.04 and I want to downgrade to v12.0.89 as it was hackable.i m getting error as Searching for phne…..found
Error reading phne init data. Plse help me.pls

arya - December 28, 2010

hi suurojit

is there any different method because my friend did this and his phone is bricked & dead is there any safer way to hack.

My phone:-Nokia 5230
Firmware Version:- 21.0.004
Custom Version:-21.0.004.C01.01
Type:- RM-588

plz help

    Sourojit Nandi - December 28, 2010

    @arya: The easiest way is to use helloOX but it dosent work with latest firmwares..

Antesh - January 7, 2011

Ho can i hack my mobile 5235nokia.iwas already try it by opda,signersis.but i can’t success.i’m to much hang ,plz,dude help me.my nokia has RM 588, n version is 12.6.092 but language is 21

Facundo Nuñez - January 11, 2011

Hello, I’ve got a Nokia 5235 and I’ve done everything but after the first boot I go into applications menu and the RoomPtcher is missing, as it never was installed and I’ve replaced the .uda file. Please help! Sory my bad english.

Indranil - January 24, 2011

Do we need a box for using jaf or can it be directly done by usb.Can u give me the link to download jaf

alaric - January 25, 2011

how can i hack v21.6.005 (rm-588

troubled - February 5, 2011

Hi Sourojit, your explanation seems very detailed and user friendly even if a bit scary for noobies.
I’ll try it, thanks for the hard job.

    Sourojit Nandi - February 7, 2011

    LOL.. Ya do not perform any action without being confident.

troubled - February 15, 2011

I’m on Three Australia and they don’t upgrade the firmware since 300.21.012 – E71 Product Code: 0578048 RM-407.

I’m really really disappointed by Nokia they adopted an anti competitive tactic move like the one we see on the DVDs (regions), they limited language option also they do not give any support regarding it.
You know Australia is maybe the biggest multicultural country in the world but what Nokia did in the 20 century? They restricted languages options not to say the short usb cable is just an insult to consumers!

I read somewhere that it could be possible to change product code to another country RM 346 the Hong Kong or Singaporean one since they have English and Chinese languages but then there could be incompatibilities between firmware and hardware, what is your point?

himalay - February 17, 2011

sir were can i get jaf flashing software

tanmay - February 28, 2011

is it possible to hack v21.6.005 RM-588… I wanna hack my nokia 5235… n try some new homescreens

Imtiaz - May 16, 2011

So i have a SE vivaz (U5).. what do i do?.. It doesn show any RM….???

sisir - May 28, 2011

can i use this process for nokia c6-00 RM-612??

ankkit - May 28, 2011

how to restore firmware of c6 (undo hack)

soryn94 - August 25, 2011

hey. People. PPPPLLLLEEEAAASSSEEEE!!! Help me with registration on recommanded website. They said “An Error Has Occurred!
You did not answer the verification questions correctly. “. I tried all methodes of hacking. But any of them didn’t help me. I’d like to try this methode. It’s my last way. PPPLLLEEEAAASSSEEE !!! ;(

Mukesh Khanna - September 7, 2011

I have Nokia C6-01.
IMEI No-353759047723261.
Firmware-022.014 dated 05.07.2011 with latest update dt-20.08.2011.
I am unable to hack the phone with Helloox 2.11, as the phone does not go beyond ‘Moving installer..’ even after 15 minutes.
Secondly if using above method “Cert_Hack_Installer.sis” even after sighning the file it gives error saying “Certificate constraint”
Please help.

seijiD - September 25, 2011

try this hacking,its 100% working on all s60v5 phones and its very simple

sha - December 28, 2011

I recently purchased nokia 5325, in that if I checked the decvice details using *#0000# the following details it is showing
Software version : 50.9.002
software version date : 24-5-2011
custom version :
custom version date : 19-7=2011
Language set : 25
model :5238 ———————————-is it correct
Type : RM-558

In this my model number is nokia 5235 where as here it is showing 5238.
do I need to update my device software.


    kidy - January 11, 2012

    please help me bro how can change cfw


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