Hidden programs on Windows XP

Windows XP installation comes from a series of programs, mainly utilities, ready to use, but for some reason they are not linked from anywhere and do not have easy access. But, curious people like Haris Nadeem always try to dig out things in every possible way. He has compiled a list of 43 such hidden applications.

These applications includes  Character Map, IExpress Wizard, Microsoft Synchronization Manager, File signature verification tool, Indexing Services and many more useful utilities.

To access these  all applications, you need to download a small executable file which creates shortcuts for all applications needed. Also, by referring the original post- you can run single application by Run command on XP.

List of Hidden Programs

List of Hidden Programs

Download Hidden Application Enabler

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fistfight.tv - June 22, 2009

Good read, thanks for the info

Software House Production - July 18, 2012

Thank you for your very interesting post. May be useful for us all


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