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How to Hide annoying Apps, updates and notifications for Cleaner Facebook

FaceBook needs no introduction, its the best  social networking website to get in touch with your family and friends. FaceBook wall brings us closer to your friends by status updates and follow up comments but lately I had to hunt for a genuine wall update due to annoying applications, quizzes and page like notifications which actually flooded my FaceBook wall. Now Here are two must have GreasesMonkey script for a clean and tidy FaceBook experience.

Before we start there are two points you sure be sure with:-

  1. You have to be a FireFox, Chrome , Opera or Safari user in order to make the trick work.
  2. Install GreaseMonkey add-on to your Firefox, GreaseMetal for Chrome, JS Utilizer for Opera or GreaseMonkey for Safari.

Now just download the two scripts mentioned below to experience all new FaceBook

F.B. Purity– This script removes application messages (FarmVille, MafiaWars etc), system messages (X likes Y, X joined group Y etc) from the news stream and advertisement and suggestion boxes from the sidebar.

Facebook quiz

Once you Install this script all such spam wall notification will be hidden leaving behind just the standard FaceBook apps such as status updates, wall posts, links, notes, photos, etc. If by any chance you wish to see the filtered notifications you can do so from the F.B. Purity notification section placed on top of your wall.

fb purity

FaceBook Improved Notification Script

The function of this script is to remove the Repeat notifications of the notification menu. For example: When many of your friends comment the same Photo, you get one notification per comment, this script deletes them and only leaves the newest notification of each photo, wall comments, etc.


The above two scripts will surely enhance your FaceBook by cleaning and filtering all the junk and delivering to you what best for you. Now share the trick with your FaceBook friends gifting them a better FaceBook.

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Matt Kruse - July 15, 2010

You should also check out “Better Facebook”:

It does all the hiding of FBPurity, but with more advanced feed filters. It also gives you a tabbed interface to the news feed, and a TON of other great options.

It is available as a Greasemonkey script, stand-alone Firefox add-on, and an extension for Chrome and Safari.

Check it out!

james mcmahon - July 19, 2010

your link to fb purity doesnt work, you need to get it here: http://www.fbpurity.com

rakesh raut - August 4, 2010

blogsolute website is good for other’s


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