How to Hide Email Address on Internet

Do you fear giving out your email ID in public due to fear of spamming? Well, giving out your email address openly allows spammers to send you countless spams a day. The only question that rises is, how do they do this? Spammers regularly scan places on website to obtain email addresses and add them to their lists.

So, it is always advisable no to give email addresses directly rather you can wrap your email address in various forms. Here is a list of web services that allows you to achieve this task for free.


hide email with captcha check provides a simple method in which you can protect your email id. Just enter the real email id and select a custom id that you want to display. Once you are done you will be provided with a code. Copy this code to places you would like to display your email id. To obtain the real email id, people have to manually click on the link and go through captcha verification. Scrim also allows you to tack the number of times your email was viewed.

Encrypt Mail

encrypt email adress

Encrypt Mail is simpler to use. You just need to enter your email id and a display name. Your id is then rapped in the display name that you had specified. It provides only HTML code that can be used easily on every website. There is no verification for people clicking on it, hence saves their time too.

Mways Hide Email

encrypt email id with mediawiki style

Mways Hide Email works the same way like others. You have to provide the email and any text that you want. But here you have options with the code generation. There is option to enable or disable java script. You can also generate code in MediaWiki style.

Email Cover

create free email address image

Email Cover is an interesting way to protect your email id from spammers. It does not provide any code instead it converts your email id into an image. You can directly link the image wherever you like.You can also keep track on the view count.

Mobilefish Hide Email

create embedded contact list

Mobilefish Hide Email is yet another unique web service to hide your direct email. This is unique and different from others as it allows you to create contact form directly. People can directly click on the link and their mail page will open with your email id and pre mentioned subject.

Which service is better to hide my Email?

Well, all the above services are effective until someone handpicks your email for spamming. Now, the usage of the services depends totally on your usage type. If you want people to quickly obtain your email then Mways Hide Mail and Encrypt Mail are good. If you need additional protection then Scrim can be used, but remember this may be frustrating for people as they have to go through captcha check. Email Cover and Mobilefish Hide Email have their unique usage according to the type of environment you are posting them in.

Did we miss something! If you know more services that does this task, then please feel free to drop them in comments.

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