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Why @Facebook Email Address is a Threat To Web and Invasion of Privacy

Back in 2010, Facebook launched their own Facebook email service and asked users to claim their @facebook accounts. This email feature didn’t get popular like timeline as who wants their email to be like yourname@facebook.com (at least not me).

Facebook announced this feature as an opt-in feature, but recently it has imposed this feature for everyone, whether you like it or not. I know that many of you will like this email service, but you really haven’t thought about it.

Why yourname@facebook.com is Not Good For You And Your Privacy?

Consider that your email address is like above mentioned address.

Now this one goes for Girls- If you have a stalker or ex-boyfriend (not me of course). He does know your name, it means he knows your email address: yourname@facebook.com. Now, you can either workaround finding who the hell is sending you weird messages from unknown email id or you can hide your facebook email id from your so called facebook timeline.

This one goes for everyone, as many of us thinks that it’s just an email what the hell can be done with it. Since the email id for Facebook is so easy that a 3 year old child can guess it, so it’s easier to contact anyone (Say a movie star).

Now if anyone wanted to play some kind of prank which can be funny (if he’s your friend) or frustrating for you and your family. He can do so by sending you message like “what was I doing in your bed last night?” and you can think many other situations similar to this.

It simply becomes a data mine for email harvesters to spam your inbox.

Why I haven’t Switched to @Facebook Email ID

[alert-warning] Facebook is well branded for what it is and that’s not an email service. [/alert-warning]

As said by Lifehacker, you should not put all eggs in one basket and must keep things on Internet separately.

Facebook believes that most conversations with friends are on-the-fly, short, real-time conversations, which is why they’re not terribly concerned with making Facebook Messages work like email. All they’re doing is making sure it works with email.

Still, if you do, you won’t be allowed to access your mails on Work and the reason is simple- Network firewall where facebook.com is blocked.

How To Remove/Hide Your Facebook Email Address From Your Timeline

• Sign in to your Facebook account.
• Now visit your profile page by clicking on your profile pic at the top right corner.
• Open the About section and scroll down to see Contact Info.

edit facebook email
• Click on Edit to edit your contact information.

 Hide Facebook Email Address From Timeline
• Now on the right of the Email tab, next to the Facebook email account id, click on the drop down menu to choose disable on timeline.
• To check whether the email id appears on your timeline or not, kindly go to your timeline.

Also, Learn to hide your email Address on Web to protect your privacy.

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Vijesh - July 10, 2012

Nice information one doubt my primary email is being set to myname@ Facebook.com and I was unable to change it to my actual email account I tried a lot can you give a way out to change my email. For few hours I thought my account got hacked but later I could log on using my Facebook email ID, but now I don’t want to use it. When I try to remove, it gives error.

    Rohit Langde - July 11, 2012

    Did you try following the procedure given in this article about hiding @facebook email ID from timeline.
    What’s the error you are facing?

rocky - July 11, 2012

facebook sucks now. :/


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