Hide Running Program Windows quickly with Hotkey | Job Saver at Office

Office Goers love to take a break from work and for pastime, usually browse Facebook, Chat on Gtalk, etc. If you are in restrictive place, your job may be at risk. Here’s how you can hide those programs quickly and escape from boss’ eye.

NCS WinVisible is a small program which can hide selected programs quickly with the predefined hotkeys or Keyboard Shortcut Keys. When you open the program, it will show the list of open programs from where you can select the programs to hide.


The open application windows are hidden quickly and they are no where shown, not even on your taskbar.


What I noticed is- If some programs have tray icon, WinVisible misses out them so take care that you disable tray icons for them. If not possible, don’t take risk to use them.

Programs so hidden can be restored back in same state as they were without losing anything. It also provides an option to Kill process so that no traces are left.

Overall, this small handy tool can not only be job saver but also it can be used to hide running application from your colleague / friends.

Earlier, we posted a trick where you can fake that you are working by by covering anything with Worksheet /Documents which you can use to watch videos at office without getting caught.

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