Hide Several files Creating a Single Locked EXE file

Hiding files is an essential need that arises time to time specially when we carry personal data in portable usb drives. There are many softwares that are capable to perform this job, but some are not free or are bit complex for normal people to understand. This job can be done easily with Protect Me.

Protect Me is a portable and small application that can accumulate several files inside a single EXE file. This EXE file is locked using a user defined password.

It is simple and too easy to use and needs no further complicated configurations. As you start the application you have to drag and drop files or folders inside the application to add them. When you have completed adding files enter a password for the EXE to be created. You can also choose icon of the created file, use the default icon or use no icon. When done press the Create Container button to make the .EXE file in your desired location.

After the EXE is created you can click on it enter the password and select the files to be extracted from the EXE container or save files in the container to your desired location. It  uses SHA1 and AES to ensure privacy and security of your data.

My Verdict

This is the simplest of other applications doing the same job. If you are a beginner and want simple protection of your data then this application will be of great help.

Download: Protect Me

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**Juanito** - March 12, 2010

Excelent for thumbdrives portable apps!


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