Hide Windows Taskbar With Taskbar Eliminator

We all want our desktops to look clean and spacious. But gradually with installation of softwares for day to day use this wish is however bit hard to achieve. One of the most important aspects of desktop management is managing the taskbar as it keeps getting stuffed with increasing number of software installed. If you want to get rid of your stuffed and fully packed taskbar a very tiny utility Taskbar Eliminator will be really helpful.

You might have sometimes tried the auto hide option for hiding the task bar, but this option is really not helpful as the taskbar keeps popping up every time your mouse cursor scrolls over its area. And you get glimpse of your fully packed taskbar. But now you can permanently hide your taskbar till you want. Let’s take a look at how Taskbar Eliminator helps you.

Using Taskbar Eliminator

Before applying Taskbar Eliminator

After applying Taskbar Eliminator

This utility is very easy to use and simple settings make it more user friendly. It does not require installation and starting the application will hide the taskbar for the first time, do not get afraid just press Alt+T, this hotkey combination will hide or unhide the taskbar according to your wish. If you want to access the settings press Alt+Ctrl+T.


The settings window has few options, show or hides taskbar, start with windows and do not start with windows. You can select them according to your wish.

My verdict

This is an easy to use application and is recommended to all those who are crazy for customizing their desktops with widgets or docks.

Download: Taskbar Eliminator

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