3 Hand Picked High Quality Christmas Windows 7 Themes

Now that Christmas is not that far away how about dressing up your Windows 7  to match the festive mood. Here are 3 handpicked, high quality, Windows 7 Christmas theme packs for giving your computer screens a festive looks.

Windows 7 News Christmas Theme Pack


The theme comes with 9 high quality wallpapers featuring both real photographs and abstract images related to Christmas.


Download Christmas Theme Pack

Holiday Lights by Microsoft


The theme comes with 17 high resolution wallpapers which will decorate your desktop in the holiday season with its sparkling lights and chilled snow flakes.


Download Holiday Lights

Twinkle Wish by Microsoft


The theme is bundled with 6 high quality wallpaper based on the kids. The theme is based on Saks’ holiday children’s book, “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Flake”.


Download Twinkle Wish

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