[How To] Set Hindi Keyboard for Jellybean as Input in Android 4.1

Hindi was added as input language natively in Android 4.1 Jellybean. Without installing anything, you can type in Hindi by setting up Hindi Language keyboard. Jellybean is not yet released for all devices but you can install it unofficially like I installed Jellybeam Custom ROM for Galaxy S.

How To Set Hindi Keyboard on Jellybean

Go to System Settings >> Language and Input.

Scroll down for Keyboard and Input Methods

jellybean hindi language input

Tap on Android Keyboard

Now, Input Languages

hindi language keyboard jellybean

From the selection, select Hindi.

From now on, whenever Keyboard opens up, you will notice globe key besides spacebar. Tap on it whenever you want to switch to Hindi Keyboard.

hindi keyboard on jellybean

Hindi words will start appearing without any rendering problem.

Also, it is possible to set Interface language of phone to be Hindi by selecting Hindi in Languages.

For other languages like Gujarati, Punjabi, Telugu, Bangla or any other Indian regional language, you will have to install regional language Font and Keyboard on Android.

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