How Much Does Google Adsense Pay

While walking around or chatting online with someone, question suddenly pops up “How much does Adsense Pay?”. It is a common question which I, as a Blogger face often. Frankly, it is a difficult question to answer so I decided to make an article answering all possible queries.

There are several meanings of this question or should I say their motives behind this question. Some of my guesses are:

  1. How much one can earn from Adsense or
  2. Wants a general idea about how much amount Adsense pay or
  3. How much is the Adsense publisher’s share in total Advertising revenue or
  4. How much Adsense pay per click? or
  5. Person wants to know Blogsolute’s Adsense earning report

Adsense is a Pay Per Click program which pays the publisher whenever visitor clicks on advertisement displayed on webpage.

Advertisers bid for a keyword where their Advertisement will be displayed. Adsense take care that ads are displayed relevantly. How do they figure out relevancy? Depending on the webpage content, your country, your search query, etc.

How much Amount does Adsense Pay?

It is not easy to answer. Actually, there is no one word answer for this because, it depends on various factors. And these factors are:

  1. Number of Ad impressions – Not only clicks but you get paid a small amount paid even on Ad impressions. It is generally set as cost per million views by Advertiser.
  2. Number of Clicks – More the clicks, higher the revenue. But again, it depends on factors explained below.
  3. Country/Region from where click came – Advertisement are geographically targeted. Visitor from certain country is more valuable to advertiser than other. For example: a click from United States will earn more than the one from India.
  4. Content Niche – This is another important factor. Advertisements displayed on webpage depends on the content of page. Some advertising categories yield more than others. For example: An ad on Computer software page will earn more than the one displayed on Bollywood news.

adsense payment cheque

You have to earn minimum $100 USD to get payments from Adsense.

How much is Publisher’s share in Adsense Revenue?

From total amount of Advertising, Adsense gives 68% to their Publishers. If an Advertiser bids for Rs. 100 per click then publisher gets Rs. 68 while Adsense keeps Rs. 32.

There is no upper limit of the amount that Adsense publisher can earn per month.

How much Adsense pay per click?

As I said, it depends on various factors mentioned above, answer cannot be one word. Still, to give you a rough idea, it varies from $0.05 USD to $5 USD per click or may be higher than that for some keywords. I generally get $0.20 USD per click on an average.

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What is Blogsolute’s Income Per Month?

Are you still interested in knowing that? I have answered and gave you an overall conceptual idea about Adsense Payments. Now, you are intelligent enough. Go.. Figure it out yourself.  🙂

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Ravi kumar - December 26, 2012

Earning from Adsense is so tough, you will need millions of visitors, and this will be acquired by you when your blog is having good number of posts and has reputed name.

Try to earn more from my writing.

Niranjan Yadav - December 26, 2012

This was indeed helpful Rohit! #GoodJob

Vijay Kudal - December 26, 2012

good article,can we share our adsense earning publicly?

Ankur Mhatre - December 26, 2012

Adsense is tough. You need quality and quantity

Satz - December 27, 2012

Adsense is my favorite and better than any network in terms of paying. SE, I have used Kontera, Chitika. But Adsense is the best and can earn 10 times higher than these two. Adsense is strict not tough.


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