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How to Access and Sign-in Google Music outside USA

Google has come up with its music cloud where we can upload our songs and also buy albums at cheaper costs. I am not comparing Google Music with iTunes but its a simplest way to be connected with our personal media.

Well there is nothing more to brag about how good it is, as it is served by Google. Google has officially launched its Music in US only, with probably around 20,000 tracks yet so far. But here I am going to tell you how you can access Google Music outside US.

Solution is simple- You just need access Google Music Site through US proxy address. For that there are many options, like VPN, dedicated Proxy server, etc. We will go with easiest one.

As you can see the Toolbar named Cocoon, thats all we have to install in Firefox. Sadly, Google Chrome doesn’t work that way. But soon Google will give access to its music all over the world, till then use Firefox instead.

How to install & set up Cocoon

  • First go to this page Cocoon and download this Add-on.
  • Now sign up for Cocoon.
  • Restart Firefox & you will be seeing a Toolbar named Cocoon, there is a switch button where you have to sign in.
  • After signing in, the Toolbar will turn to blue & you are secure from the network and your IP is hidden.
  • Open Google Music & enjoy your music collection.

Cocoon hides your IP & hence Google music cannot guess your region that is why we can access it fully. Every time you open Firefox, first you will have to sign in to Cocoon & only then you can access Google Music.

  • Ankit
  • Updated January 3, 2012
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Tomeka Quiggle - June 15, 2013

=) Great content, kudos.


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