How to Connect Micromax Q7 to Internet access using GPRS

Micromax Q7 ezpad comes with bundle of satisfaction to users as it is fully enabled with basic plus applications. Basically Q7 is Wi-fi GPRS enabled mobile which also has Qwerty keypad. Micromax Q7 can be connected to Internet through any mobile network connection. Here we will deal with GPRS-EDGE internet connectivity of Q7 with Tata Docomo and Airtel.

Connect Micromax Q7 with Airtel GPRS:

First of all you should have Airtel SIM card with balance more than Rs. 10 and any of the Internet plan activated check *567# for all Plan tariff.Q7 comes with pre installed Airtel Mobile Office GPRS setting, if not then Once you Switch On the mobile with the Airtel SIM inside, you will be asked for the setting to install. Please install all the settings as directed.

Step 1: Goto -Menu>>Connectivity>>Wap>>setting>>Select SIM
Now here select the SIM slot where the airtel sim is, say SIM2, press Ok now.

Step 2: : Goto -Menu>>Connectivity>>Wap>>setting>>Profile>>SIM 2>>

Here you will see various Internet settings of Various Telecom operators. Here you have to select “Mobile Office” and Activate it.

Step 3: : Goto -Menu>>Connectivity>>Data Account>>GPRS>>

Now surf the list and you will get Mobile office , if not then create new as:
Goto -Menu>>Connectivity>>Data Account>>GPRS>>Option>Add>
Account name: Mobile Office
set  remaining field as it is. Save the settings.

Now you are done and are ready to use Internet through default browser or Opera Mini. If still the problem persist check whether you have activated data account or not as:
: Goto -Menu>>Connectivity>>Wap>>setting>>Profile>>SIM 2>>Mobile Office>> Option>Edit>>Datat Account>> here ‘select’ Mobile office from list.

Connect Micromax Q7 with Tata Docomo GPRS:

You will notice that Airtel connects easily for the Internet unlike Tata Docomo. Really telling you guys Docomo can be pathetic some times for using GPRS! Once again Insert Docomo Sim and switch On the Mobile , you will be asked for the setting to install and do as directed. If still you didn’t get the setting go to your message box and type “INTERNET” and send it to 52270 (toll free).

Step 1: Goto -Menu>>Connectivity>>Wap>>setting>>Select SIM
Now here select the SIM slot where the Tata Docomo sim is, say SIM1, press Ok now.

Step 2: : Goto -Menu>>Connectivity>>Wap>>setting>>Profile>>SIM 1>>
Again you will see long list of the settings. If you installed the received Docomo settings properly you will see here “Virtual Proxy”. Activate it through ‘option’ menu.

Step 3: -Menu>>Connectivity>>Wap>>setting>>Profile>>SIM 1>> Virtual Proxy >> Option>Edit>>Data Account>>TATA DOCOMO INTERNET.

Step 4: -Menu>>Connectivity>>Wap>>setting>>Profile>>SIM 1>> Virtual Proxy >> Edit>>Data Account>>Connection Type>>HTTP>>

Use proxy     : Yes
Proxy Address  :
Proxy Port      : 8799
user name     : leave blank
password      : leave blank

Now you are ready to use the GPRS via Opera mini or default browser. Please be patient while surfing the NET as it is very pathetic to get connection established. Just keep trying for 10-15 times to get connection , you also can restart the phone to trouble shoot connection problem.

One can also connect the Micromax Q7 ezpad and access Internet using Wi-Fi, So read How to access Internet connect Micromax Q7 to WiFi I will update you to proceed for the same trick soon.

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bvrameshslm - August 2, 2010

please some oine say me the full details abt the MICROMAX Q 5 series mobile….

i cant able to work upon wit the inbuilt functions like FB, and NIMBUZZ, and e- buddy,,,,,????????

sumeet - August 11, 2010

how to connect inbuilt facebook on q7? i use vodafone.

    Nitin - August 11, 2010

    Hey Sumeet Do you have problem with Facebook only? Are you able to access Internet? For using Facebook and Nimbuzz you have to activate Vodafone Internet through their settings…..

Kumar Gaurav - August 13, 2010

I am using aircel network of Maharastra with Q7. My wap is configured properly.
But I couldn’t open Opera mini as there is no “network Selection” option available with Opera Mini or Facebook unlike Q5. Q5 shows network selection option in these in built applications. Please help to configure.

    Nitin - August 13, 2010

    Hi Kumar , so are you being able to access Internet through “Default Q7 Browser” ? which “network selection” you are exactly talking about?

    You can try step1- step4 mentioned above here in this posts and I am sure you will be through with your problem

      Kumar Gaurav - August 16, 2010

      Nitin as I said, I am using aircel network. I am running my wap default browser with the GRSsetting, sent by aircel. Issue is I am not able to open Opera. Also there is no “network selection” option provided for Opera, Face book which is being used in Q5 & others. Please help how to configure setting for Opera so that it should run properly.

        Nitin - August 16, 2010

        In Q7 “network selection” option is not associated with the opera mini it . Now download opera mini again from Micromax official website here:

        Goto>>Application>>Java setting>>select SIm

        select the sim & profile where your Aircel GPRS is activated.

          Kumar Gaurav - August 17, 2010

          Hi Nitin,
          Thanks, The problem with Java setting only. Now I configured that without downloading another Opera_mini_4_2_zip from mentioned link.
          Also I am still getting problem to open nimbuzz…. Please help

          Kumar Gaurav - August 17, 2010

          Hi Again… Please edit your blog about how to configure Java settings in Opera & other third party software installed in Q7.

          Nalin - November 7, 2010

          Thanx nitin….u r a life saver….had prob connecting to fb and opera mini and nimbuzz…solved coz of u…..plz help me set up my email a/c

          Nickunj - January 6, 2011

          Hi Friend,

          i too bought Q7 and not able to connect net through opramini

          dont know how to do it, tried all your suggested ways
          pls help..9819781019

          if i can get you contact no..i will call you


Monil - August 19, 2010

I Have A Problem Can AnyOne Help Me I Am Using Q7 Phone But I Use Vodafone Sim Card So How Can Connect Gprs & Using Facebook Please Help Me

Monil - August 19, 2010

& How Can Install All Software In Q7 Phone ?

Gk - August 21, 2010

Can anyone suggest me how to forward a song while playing music in micromaxQ7 .
wen i tried with trackball it changes the track and does not forward the song
Plz help

navdeep - August 23, 2010

Hi, could you please help me to connect the micromax Q7 with AIRCEL gprs. I have tried with AIRCEL customer care but they didnot help me with this. Please help.
Navdeep pathania

sr - August 26, 2010

Can any one tell me how to connect micromax q7 to pc for internet access? and from where i get its pc suite?

    Nitin - August 26, 2010

    Read our article and you will be able to connect and download drivers for Q7

    ASH - December 6, 2011

    procedure to connect micromax q7 to pc for internet access via bluetooth:-(for windows xp)
    1:- connect micromax q7 bluetooth with pc .
    My computer (right click) > manage > device manager > modems > >standerd modem over bluetooth link (right click)> properties >
    advence > and type in blank space below
    Extra initialization commands:(+cgdcont=1,”ip”,”apn name” )
    +cgdcont=1,”ip”,”uninor” (for uninor )

shivang - August 29, 2010

helo i purchased dis phone today…but i’m facing problem with opera and all…….
i tried it using wlan also but it didnt installed…..and if i’m using wlan den facebook is not working properly….but on network its fine…..please help if any one can…!!!!

    vijay - September 5, 2010

    Hi shuvang,

    Need to check if the wlan is enabled.

    if yes what setup do u use DHCP or static IP.

    DHCP than need to change the settings in Q7 as default Ip: configured.

    connectivity>>>> paired networking>>>> edit>>>>>> TCP/IP>>> use DHCP select yes

Ravi S - September 7, 2010

Hi Dudes How to connect the Micromax Q7 into Internet using BSNL Sim?? I have got the bsnlnet,bsnllive,bsnlmms kind of files from support centre and mapped these into the WAP but still i m not able to connect with the Internet using Opera. Please help me out in this

SIDHARTH - September 21, 2010

i use a micromax q5 with a vodaphone prepaid connection and samsung gt-c6625 with a bsnl prepaid connection so pls help me with a gprs setting for both my phones thank you

ram - September 23, 2010

i have micromax q7.
it is geting conected with wifi but the opera is not still working?
can some one know how it works?
plz tell me…….

prasanta - September 26, 2010

can anyone help me?
i have purchased one micromax q75 mobile and i want to activate gprs setting please help me for aircel sim

please help me

s.k - October 1, 2010

I m using q75 and no issue wid the gprs connectivity.
Issue is, i am getting an error “error fetching file” whenever i try downloading any file.
kindly solve.
Is there any player which supports playing streaming video from internet supporting this model?

Ashish saini - October 7, 2010

Can any one tell me how to connect micromax q55 bling to pc for internet access? and from where i get its pc suite? because the pc suite has not valid win 32 exe.

    Dipika - February 12, 2011

    hi Ashish i have same phone but i dont know how to connect can u plz tell me

sumit - October 14, 2010

i have a micromax Q7 mobile & its PC suite also ,now plz tel me the whole process of connecting the PC with the mobile for surfing

sathees - November 9, 2010

I m using micromax Q7 with vodafone connection. can anyone help me in configuring the settings

Javid Ahmad Dar - November 13, 2010

Dear sir, i have buy micromax Q7 phone but the phone doesnt have cd for drivers so i want connect my phone with pc but i dont have pcsuit so plz send me pcsuit for Q7 thank you

saurabh - November 17, 2010

i want to download ebuddy for micromax q7 from where i can download?

Rakesh SHukla - November 19, 2010

Hello Nitin,


Please tell me how can i connect my micromx Q7 with my laptop and how to run the docomo internet in my laptop via Q7



faizal - November 22, 2010

do u know how to configure Action VOIP in Nimbuz of Q7 Micromax
I am able to enter the net , but no VOIP fone available in Nimbuzz

rajan - November 30, 2010

I am not able to sign in gmail.

veer - December 17, 2010

hiiiiiiii nitin can you help me? how 2 connect my phone with my pc for browsing internet….. plz give me solution…… how can i use micromax pc syut m totlay confused….

karthik - December 17, 2010

iai have purchased one micromax q75 mobile and i want to activate gprs setting
please help me for airtrel sim

kulandhaivels - December 19, 2010

dear sir
I am using Micromax Q7.
Network Using
Aircel prepaid & Airtel postpaid
how to activate GPRS & WI-FI.
pls give solution.

Aransha - December 23, 2010

i m very upset to take this mobile micromax q7. Since i take it to access internet on my pc., but it is too complicated to deal.
Have u any solution for it or may i change my cell phone.
plz reply

neeraj - January 6, 2011

can you use micromax q7 mobile as webcam



sohini - January 10, 2011

i’m using micromax Q7 & i’m using ntc network of nepal. How can i set internet in my mobile?

srabon - January 23, 2011

my q7 is running fine. but i have a problem. whenever i try to use the phone as bluetooth modem, after the verification process, it just get disconnected showing some message like ‘DUN profile disconnected’…
does anybody know how to get rid of this?

Hemanth - January 26, 2011

Hi,I am getting problem in connecting micromax Q7 to my PC. I use vodafone network. Please tell the detailed description to connect to PC(step by step).

Hemanth - January 26, 2011

I want to connect micromax Q7 through blutooth also, when am trying for that it always asking to redial.I can able to access all other information which reside in my phone in PC but coming to internet access am getting prolem.

Mohammed waseem - March 7, 2011

I bought Micromax Q7, now saudiarabia , i want to know hw to connect internet. iam using Sawa company sim card . plz send me details.

Mohammed waseem - March 10, 2011

I bought Micromax Q7, now iam in saudiarabia , i want to know hw to connect internet. iam using Mobilysim card . plz send me details.


bhadresh - March 16, 2011

never try these cheap phones and cheap mobile service provider like docomo for using them as modem for pc. it never works properly and will be a headache. i have q7 since 3 month and i m not successful. always use MNC branded phones and good service provider like airtel ,vodaphone etc.

shailesh - March 30, 2011

dir, sir. may micromax q7 in gprs aircel, to pc suit softwer not working. pls. help step-by step me

tarita - May 24, 2011

call customer care and ask for GPRS setting… the setting and get connected……this is the only rule to get connected to Internet using GPRS…

madhu - July 18, 2011

The problem with Java setting only. Now I configured that without downloading another Opera_mini_4_2_zip from mentioned link.
Also I am still getting problem to open nimbuzz…. Please help

my ph. modal is q55 plz help me

paramjeet singh - July 24, 2011

i’m using it with airtel..

fayaz - August 17, 2011

how can i connect to wi-fi

lovenish - October 9, 2011

i own an micromax q75 phone with aircel network i am unable to download any thing

Nayeem - December 9, 2011

Can anybody send the setting how to connect inbuilt facebook in Micromax q75……..

Getting an error -Loggin failed..
Internet is working fine.

Nayeem - December 9, 2011

Hi Dont use aircel for gprs its waste user Vodafone/Airtel and enjoy…………..

abrar - January 26, 2012

i have micromax q7 i m able to connect internet with airtel but i m not able to connect internet with uninor please help me

Kamal Goel - February 3, 2012

Hello Nitin I’m using Micromax Q7 with Aircel network in sim 2 and start 1 week pocket and gprs net and as well in my office WI-FI network but not able to use facebook, nimbuzz, Opera mini and gmail in email setup and as well I’d try so many option of above step but can not reslove my problem.

Allahabad Bank in Sambalpur - February 3, 2013

Hi i am new to micromax i am using q75 unable to connect to pc i follow all the instruction but not enabled


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