How to install Android 2.2 Froyo and test it on Windows 7 Computer

Android 2.2 ‘Froyo’ is the latest version of Google Android Mobile operating system. No device has officially launched officially with this firmware but some hackers have managed it to port successfully in to Google Nexus one. So, if you are trying to test it yourself on Windows computer system, it is possible with Android SDK.

1. Download Android SDK for Windows

2. Extract the ZIP archive in one folder.

3. Navigate to Tools folder and run android.bat

4. In settings, check Force https:// to be http:// in case If you are not able to connect to the official Android repository using HTTPS, enable this setting.

Android Froyo on windows 7

5. In available packages, select Google APIs by Google Inc., Android API 8, revision 1 and install it.



Android Froyo on windows 7

6. After completion of download and installation. Navigate to Virtual Devices and create New.

Android Froyo on windows 7

7. Now, start the device and you are ready to experience the new Android 2.2 on Windows.

Android Froyo on windows 7

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Jignesh - January 5, 2011

Hi,Rohit.Nice post.It’s very helpful.
Keep it up. 🙂

Mike - December 7, 2011

Hi, Rohit.

Yes, these wars a good idee.
But have you any idee, how I can run an Windows OS
on a Android table PC?
This wold be helful for me.

Best regards, from Germany.


PRATIK - April 9, 2012

hey i have froyo installed on my dell venue. i have airtel sim and i am unable to send messages thru it.
i gone through that usual *#*#4636#*#* technique but it failed in airtel.
please suggest me some working technique to set message center number.


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