How to install CXMB Themes in PSP

Developers have developed Custom Firmware Versions (CFW), which provides extra functionality to the user that was limited by Sony in the original firmware (OFW) such as custom icons, fonts, XMB waves, Sounds, etc on the XMB and run different applications such as emulators, games, and media players. Custom firmware also allows users to run images of official UMD games and PSN content such as Playstation originals.

Using CFW we can install .CTF themes or CXMB themes. Generally with the official firmware we can only install .PTF themes which looks dull and plain however, CXMB themes are attractive and gives a feel that you are actually handling a gadget.


How to installĀ  CXMB Themes

  1. Download CXMB software from any PSP site.
  2. Extract the folder in your PC.
  3. Extracted folder will contain 2 folders seplugins and cxmb.
  4. Copy the seplugins and cxmb in your root of PSP.
  5. Now go to cxmb folder and open conf.txt change /PSP/THEME/.CTF and see in step 7.
  6. Put all your .CTF themes in /PSP/THEME/
  7. If you have for example finalfantasy.ctf then write /PSP/THEME/ finalfantasy.CTF in conf.txt file.
  8. This must be done only once after that when you change your themes, contents of conf.txt will be updated automatically (you don’t have to write it in conf.txt)


  1. PSP must have Custom Firmware not Sony’s Original one.
  2. Please check the version of your firmware before installing any themes.For example: A 5.50 firmware theme cannot run in 3.90 firmware and vice-versa.
  3. PSP must be charged.(Caution : If charge goes off it might semi-brick or sometimes fully brick your PSP).
  4. Avoid making changes in flash mode.

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