How To Know the Font Used in an Image?

Many a times we happen to see a beautiful images with eye catching fonts. We also try to imitate them in our own way, but the similar font is really hard to find. This can be easy if we know the name of that font. Once we know the name of the used font in the image, we can easy download it just by a simple Google search.

So, here’s an web service which allows to do so. Yes, by uploading image we can know the font used in it.

detect fonts in an image automatically

MyFont is an easy to use web service. It recognizes the font in an uploaded image. You just have to upload the image whose font you would like to know. Once uploaded, the service will automatically find the most appropriate match in the database. If it doesn’t exists there, you may submit it to the forums. Hence, there is no failure at any point.

Do you feel laziness in downloading the image and again re-uploading it to MyFont? Well, there is no need to download the image anymore. You can directly use the image URL to perform this task.

Some guidelines for best results are:

  • Try to get the text as horizontal as possible.
  • Letters should be around 100 pixels tall in your image.
  • Make sure letters aren’t touching each other.

Most image formats (GIF, JPG,BMP, TIFF) are supported. Letters to the ideal height for best result is approximately 100 pixels. Try to get horizontal text design for best and effective results.

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Pavan Kumar - July 7, 2008

Upto some extent, its good. But fails to identify many complicated ones. I have tried that a few days back while designing a header for my blog.

Ajay Pathak - July 7, 2008

good finding dude.
but where we can use this application.

Rohit Langde - July 7, 2008

Yep, there are many factors affecting. Size, type, decoration and color and complexity of image. Still, it works fine.

ameo - July 7, 2008

really good , i’ve been looking for something like that for sometime , i jsut didn’t knew it exists

narendra.s.v - July 7, 2008

nice trick will try this out 😉

Nihar - July 7, 2008


Good find.

Rohit Langde - July 7, 2008

@ Nihar,
Thanks but My name is Rohit not Rahul.

Ajay - December 3, 2008

this mobile phone looks really good and best killer of apple iphone

sandeep - April 25, 2011

I just try this website for recognize fonts small pictures making prob but big pictures giving best results for find fonts.

md rubel shaikh - August 20, 2012

nice article. one buyer give me a work like this. i am very glad to read this article. i learned some new thing today. thanks lot.


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