How to Quickly restore accidently Closed Windows in One click

I bet many of you have a problem of closing an open program window accidentally while doing some important work was being done. Also, while finding a hidden file in a maze of Window, it is merely impossible to get back to that directory location again after clicking “close” or ALT+F4.

In such situation, using a small tool called “GoneIn60s” will be a life saver which can get back open windows instantly. This tool runs in background requiring less resources and monitors open applications/ windows. After closing any window, you can get back by clicking on the specific program name from the tray icon. If you don’t restore it then it is Gone in 60 Seconds means Closed completely beyond restore.

Gone in 60 Seconds

The program also incorporates settings to adjust parameters like “Time to wait” for killing an application which is 60 seconds by default. Also, you can set certain application to ignore monitoring by this tool.

Download Gone in 60 Seconds

Restarting applications automatically after Restart

If you have opened important applications and by any means have to restart system, all applications are automatically closed. Its inconvenient to remember all applications every time.

Here is a small utility called cache my work which will makes a list of applications that are running and lets you select which applications you want to run the next time you log into your computer. The program is useful for not having to waste time remembering what programs were using before restarting the computer and be more productive because once you start your computer again will get the same programs you had at the time of shutdown.

Download CacheMyWork

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Grr - September 6, 2010

Nice share Rohit.
Thanks, Grr

Virtual Character - September 9, 2010

Nice share hahaha, I often have accidental closing of my browsers, it happens mostly when system lags and I have no intention on clicking X. Does this take up much in the background process though?


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