How to Receive Emails without revealing your Email ID

If you want to save your email from Email Spamming and Email Bombing, then you must use a service, where you can hide your Email ID, from certain users, websites etc. Which can send Spam emails to your Mail Box. Email Spam happens when you register your account, with any unknown or untrusted website.

We have already covered How to hide Email ID on internet because After providing your email address, we will get unknown Emails from unknown users, that is called Email Spamming.

And when you got emails from the same unknown sender again and again, then it is called Email Bombing.

These two common techniques are used by spammers,for the sack of sending emails to your mail box, without your confirmation about there products and services.

Email spamming is almost impossible to prevent because a user with a valid email address can spam any other valid email address, newsgroup, or bulletin-board service. In order to protect your personal Email ID, you should not give your Email Id to Untrusted party, user, or website. You can use a Free service, where you can hide your Email ID.

Yes through this free service, they will provide a URL Link on which you can receive emails from any untrusted or trusted source. All the emails sent to the URL Link will be forwarded to your original Email ID.

How to Hide your Email ID


Enter Email Address to Hide

Visit and Enter your Original Email ID in “Email Address where your message will go” box and write a short description and click on “Create my whspr“.

Whspr URL created

Whspr URL created

You will get your URL Link for your Email, and now you can use the Link for Receiving Emails from any one. This is the one way in you can reduce Spam emails.

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techprism - November 29, 2009

Well, its something like short URLS.
But the idea sounds great. Thanks for Sharing.

Tanmai - August 27, 2010

Hey dude its URL is gone …. Plz suggest another site thanx in advance…


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