How to take out Time for Blogging

These days, almost everyone knows about blogs, they even know that blogs have got great potential, most of them have got blogs of their own, yes, but the reason they don’t get success with their blogs is that they don’t give time to it. The excuse they have is, there is no time for blogging, well, and there is a lot of time you can make for blogging. Here are few things you can do to take out time for blogging.

Social Media is good tool for increasing your contacts but if you get addicted, it can eat up your productive hours. So, optimum time should be decided for Twitter, Facebook or Orkut. Yes, there are other practices, generally done by newbies which can uselessly waste your time on internet. Let’s have a look at them one by one.

Spend Less on Facebook

You spent almost one hour on an average per day, you do nothing productive, you just play stupid games on Facebook (ok, not stupid, but not productive either), you visits profiles randomly. Can you just limit if to 30mins or 1 hours?. It would save 30 hours per month, you can use these 30 hours in your blogs.

Fix intervals for Tweeting

People, who are not using Facebook, are using twitter or any other thing to kill their time, if you are using these sites to promote your blog, then give time on your blog and then do these things later. I mean, what is the use of these sites if only your friends and family are following you on twitter, believe me. You can save few more time for you blogging.

Stop Worrying About Blog design

Yes, blog design is important, but not important than the content, first take a look at your blog’s content. Is it good enough to make your readers visit your blog again? Work on it accordingly, forget about the design of your blog for another six months, or at least, until you are getting 500 unique visitors per day.

Stop checking blog stats and earnings daily

I used to have this kind of habit about a year ago, but now I am fine, I do it on weekends. But doing this I save 30 minutes per day on an average. There is no used of looking into your blogs stats every day, the only thing it is going to create is Stress or say Peer Pressure.

Put your messengers off for sometime

Every time I login to my and yahoo messenger, there are many friends sitting Idle and wanting to chat with me, they dot have got anything else to do, but I have to do many things, the best thing I can do is, log out of me messenger applications. I’d suggest you the same, whenever you start your laptop or pc for your blog, just don’t sign into your messengers, you will end up chatting and ding nothing else.

Read less blogs but quality ones

About an year ago, I used to consume a lot of information from numerous blogs, this resulted in information overload, I was flooded with ideas that I could not work on even one idea properly, after that I decided to stick with one idea and put my heart and soul in it, I’d suggest you the same, don’t spend too much time in reading blogs randomly, get one idea and work on it, you can diversify things later, when you get success in one thing.

There are many more things you can do to make time for blogging, you just have to evaluate your routine work, take out things which are less productive and give more emphasis on things which are adding value to your blog. If you need more help with your blogging stuff, you can always drop by on 86Blogger

About the Author: Asif Ahmed is a Student of MBA from New Delhi and He is making Money from His Blogging Activities, TechTip is a place where he shares his knowledge about blogging?.

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Sourojit Nandi - January 10, 2010

Nice tips for saving time. Time management is an important aspect of blogging.

suraj - January 10, 2010

lol, I used to spend time in this manner only. Designing, checking stats and earnings also consumes a lot of time. Very nicely written. thanks for this useful post. I would keep this in mind.

Asif - January 10, 2010

Thanks guys, I appreciate your comments.


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