I have my own Blog, what’s next?

Many of us get stuck at this stage as Creating a Blog is easy but only few of us know what to do next. Reasons behind Blogging are varied and you may have started with one or other motive. Since you have decided to blog on specific topic out of a big list to become a successful blogger, we would see what’s next?

Before you have a blog, what matters is encouragement and the desire to have one. To maintain one needs some consistency and discipline if they are to succeed in the world of blogs. Do not think that is an easy task, in contrast, have to be patient because the visits do not come right away. When you reach the goal you will see that everything has been fruiting like mine (at least so far) I’ve done.

Things you should Plan before starting Blog

Niche of Blogging, Domain, Web Host, etc are important elements. Most of things are elastic and can be changed at later moment but still, few important things are essential to be considered at initial stages itself.

  1. Your blog should have a theme: It is very important that your blog is about “something”, whether technology, psychology, entertainment, music, politics etc … and you should not leave (except for some exceptions) it.
  2. Choose a free or paid platform: It is important to know if you’re willing to pay for hosting a blog, or prefer to have a free blog. I would say better to go for cheap than free web Host at early stage. There are other complications and types of Hosts like VPS, Shared Host which can be from Reseller Hosting and many more.
  3. Purchase your own domain: It is highly advisable to have your own domain, even if you opted for a free service like Blogger. Why?. Because a domain is very cheap (10 $ / year) and also gives you more name and presence like www.domain.com instead of www.domain.blogspot.com.
  4. Using a template of your own: The worst thing you can do is use a template from which come by default in blog systems. On the Internet you can find many templates for Blogger and WordPress, but the best thing you could do is customize the template to your liking to have its own identity. For that we need at least have some knowledge of HTML and CSS, as well as programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator to create your template or, edit an existing one so that your site has a separate identity.

Now, you are done with deciding all above stuff and created a blog, here are next steps I recommend for good blog.

  1. Be consistent. You can write once a day or once every 3 days, but must be constant. Visitors should see no movement in the blog because otherwise you will miss them.
  2. Work on language and spelling. It is very important to always check the wording and spelling because it speaks to you.
  3. Discuss topics of interest to your followers. I do not think the visitors are interested in hearing about the history of your dog, or the day you came out the mucus in public. Post things you know you are going to interest others.
  4. Write to your followers, not Google. On the website you will find several techniques to position your blog in search engines, and sometimes this causes people to write so that they are better positioned, but really only going to attract visitors who will never return. It is therefore important that the content you write is intended to be pleasing to your followers.
  5. Creates controversy. The controversy generated debate, generate debate, your fans will like to continue coming to your blog and not only that, but we recommend your articles on other blogs, which will give you free publicity.
  6. Promote your blog. All techniques used to promote your blog. Participate in other blogs, submit your blog to the major directories, put proper plugin in your blog so that others can share your articles on Facebook and Twitter. Invites users to subscribe to your feed.
  7. Advertising used at the right time. Look for sponsors or you can use services such as Google Adsense that pay you for every click that users give on the ads or you can find sponsors to advertise on your blog. Keep in Mind, Even generating Money isn’t instant and there are reasons and causes you should avoid behind why you are not making Money with Adsense.
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krishna chaitanya - November 26, 2012

hello rohit…
i am student from hyderabad..
can i make bloggind as my career or just for parttime work?

pritam patil - December 1, 2012

hi rohit i liked your post very much it will be beneficial to me.as me too is blogger at softattop.com. thanks for writting such nice article..

Dipan - January 3, 2013

Hi Can u help me one thing on wordpress ??
how to show specified category posts in a page?
like you have posts in pages of specified category.

Please Help..

yash verma - January 16, 2013

hi Please tell me what is the best method to create offline campaign in google analytic,,,,,,,,,,,,,,




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