ibVPN Review and Promo Code- Premium VPN with Good Speed and Anonymity

Whoever you are in this world, there comes a time when you want to access the content which you are strictly not allowed to mainly because of Geographical restrictions. I am pointing to the sites which are available only to specific regions.

If you live in India and all your favorite TV shows are on ABC or Hulu which you are not able to access just because you are outside those regions. When you open that webpage, your location is checked via IP address and you are not allowed to get in!

Proxy IP may be a solution but many a times they are blocked and offer poor speed. VPN comes to rescue in such case. VPN or Virtual Private Network is used by Corporate sector to let their employees access Network from outside. Fortunately, you can also use such technology to access sites which are otherwise not.

There are many commercial offerings, and a couple of free ones albeit with a very limited service. I got a chance to test out ibVPN premium VPN service which is known for its security, multiple servers and customer satisfaction.

One thing I did like about ibVPN.com was the fact that you have multiple servers on their full package. They include UK, USA, CA, DE, IE and NL.

Setting up ibVPN is easy thanks to their step by step guide.

Connecting using PPTP on Windows 7 was quick except for Germany server in my case.

I tried some servers and here is a comparison without and with VPN (England and Germany Server)

ibVPN Review

Little drop in speed is obvious but Security and Anonymity matters. Comparing with other VPN services I used, mainly Free ones, this one is really appreciable.

ibVPN is cross platform compatible including iPhone, iPod, iPad, Windows, Linux and Mac.

I conclude that ibVPN is nice premium VPN Service with Number of Location Servers to choose from at good speed.

ibVPN Promo Code

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