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Icecream Sunday: Fastest Galaxy ACE Cyanogen based ROM with Overclocking

When we go for an Android smartphone we have some expectations. For this we keep looking for custom ROMs that can serve our purpose. But in general we find ROMs that offer maximum functionality or flashy looks.

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There are many who need just updated and advance ROM without pre-installed applications or a fast ROM for playing games. Keeping all this in mind another issue that rises is the battery life the ROM is offering. It depends on our usage habits but still a light ROM can save a lot of battery. So here we introduce ICS for Galaxy ACE.

What is ICS for ACE?

Do not get confused. This is not Icecream Sandwich but an altogether different ROM Icecream Sunday, trimmed and modified version of Cyanogen Mod for ACE by XDA member Jusada. This ROM has been made trimming down all additional features and hence is a Cyanogen Mod based barebone.

How to Install ICS?

If you are already accustomed using custom ROM’s then the installation procedure is easy and the same. You can do it over Cynogen Mod, if you are already on it but make sure you have made a backup of ROM from CWM. If you are a new user then follow the steps below.

To upgrade to this rom you must be running on Ginger bread version 2.3.3, 2.3.4 or 2.3.5. If you are still running on froyo and need to upgrade to Gingerbread, here is our video tutorial on how to upgrade Galaxy Ace to Gingerbread. If you are updating from existing rom, back up rom from CWM or backup applications using Titanium backup.

  • Download the required files from XDA thread and copy then to your sd card.
  • Download and install CWM if you are not having it already.
  • wipe data factory reset, wipe cache partition, wipe dalvik cache.
  • From CWM install zip from sd, select the file you copied. Installation will take some time.
  • Restart System.

What Features are Included/ Excluded in ICS

There are no new features included, its basic CM 7.1. Rather there are many applications that are excluded like Maps, Gtalk, Gmail, Spare parts and many more including the live wall papers. To my shock I was not able to find the File manager app also but to a releif I found Market to be working and downloaded Es File Explorer. So you can only download the applications that you want.

The features included are Icecream Sandwich icons and Overclocking Kernel. When you boot for the first time you will find the status bar to be improper. Just go to Theme Manager and change the theme to ICS to solve this problem. While applying the theme you will get a warning message, ignore it.

How to Over Clock Galaxy ACE?

This Rom already has the OC kernel. You can directly go to Cynogen Mod settings> Performance> CPU Profiles and set the maximum frequency of your processor. Remember 921 is a safe value still tested beyond that I got instant restarts. What I will suggest is keeping the value to 848 in general cases, it worked stable and I tested it on few games with good results.

Note:  Overclocking is not a good practice. Only use this feature occasionally with restriction on the time limit. As overclocking causes overheating in prolonged usage.

ICS for Galaxy ACE [Video]

If you are in search of a fully functional ROM you can try First UI, SangingerACE, Gingercruzt, Cyno Ace and Cynogen Mod 7.1 Cooper Kang.

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Arb - November 10, 2011

From where i have to download this icecream :@?

    Rohit Langde - November 12, 2011

    Download Link is given in post. Go to that XDA thread and find the latest version to download.

Kostas - November 19, 2011

Hello everyone.
This is the first time I really consider to install something to my mobile phone that is not official.
I have no idea about htese things, so I would like to ask a few things before o continue with the instllation.
1)Android market works like 2.3.3?
2)I can install every app I like?
3)If I don’t like the ROM, I can go back to 2.3.3 official Greek version, and if so how.
4)Is it stable? Will I encoutre reboots, errors ect (im talking about the edition, given that I wont overclock)?
5)The mobile works smoother?
6)Any general limitations comparing to the official Gingerbread version?

Thanks in advance and sorry for the big post.

    Sourojit Nandi - November 20, 2011

    Your Answers….
    1) Ya android market Works as usual.
    2) Ya all apps work.
    3) Yes you can go back to official stock ROM, you have to use ODIN, here is how you can do that http://www.droidsolute.com/gingerbread-2-3-5-for-galaxy-ace-root/
    4) A complete Custom Rom is stable. If you are downloading a ROM which is in Beta Stages it might not be stable. Go to the XDA forum links provided here and read people’s comment to know more about their experience.
    5) Your mobile will be 3-4 times faster and smoother compared to Stock ROM.
    6) There are no limitations with custom ROMs with respect to Application installation. But if you are under warrenty, before going to service center flash back to official Stock ROM.

Kostas - November 21, 2011

First of all, I want to thank very much you for your reply. I really apreciate it.
After a lot of reading, I would like to ask some further details about 2 things.

1)If I install this ROM on my 2.3.3 firmware, am I going to be able to compose text messages in Greek?
2)If I follow the above link and upgrade using Odin software to 2.3.5 am I going to be able to choose through setting the Greek language and compose text messages in Greek?
The meaning of these questions is, if I have the official firmware (2.3.3 Greek form kies) and apply the ROM i will have the same language as the firmware, in this case Greek? So in this way if I install the 2.3.5 I will only have English menu/text writing?

Sorry for staying to this, it may seems less important, but at the site: sammifirmware.com, I couldnt find downloads for specific languages, in my occasion Greek.

RAJESH - November 21, 2011

Hello Bro there R M Not find 2 main things…
1. My files/ file manger
2. USB tethering (to connect internet in PC)
Please Help Here THANK YOU

Lucas - November 25, 2011

First of all, thanks for the awesome help on this website!!

I love how my phone looks like, but my status bar (the one on the top.. i’m portuguese, sorry for my english or so, :S) is like all fuzzy and blurry, it seems like everything is mixed up, all crossed up and sort.

What can i do?
I’ve installed the ics1.2Grif_07 and also the fixes_StatusBar…

Don’t know what to do, please reply.
Thanks 😀

    Sourojit Nandi - December 12, 2011

    change theme form Theme manager.

      Varun Surana - January 12, 2012

      @Lucas, @Rohit Langde…. Will anyone of u Will send me this rom’s zip file… As wen I went into the xda thread… It showed some error… Someone plssssssss send me this Rom’s Zip file…. My phone model is Samsung Galaxy ace S5830… My email ID is surana.varun400@email.com..

daniel - November 26, 2011

i’ve installed it two minutes ago!!nice!! thanks for painting my galaxy ace with rainbow…good job for this custom rom..

dark knght - November 27, 2011

can install the rom using odin

    Sourojit Nandi - December 12, 2011


Jusada - December 2, 2011

Thanks for the review, just to let you know a new update went on last night and now its even faster. enjoy!

    Sourojit Nandi - December 12, 2011

    Thanks for making the ROM. I love its simplicity, carry on the good work.

hakim - December 5, 2011

hey guys cn any1 hlp me in her,,,,,
my galaxy ace does get strt in recovery mode,,,did d sm thng written ,,,i hold buttons midddle key+power,,,,,,,thn also nt getting into recovery mode
hlp me

    Sourojit Nandi - December 12, 2011

    Press and keep holding middle+power key till you get recovery.

fabio - December 14, 2011

I can not install Icecream Sunday …
after copying the file to the memory card, I try to install and can not
I am using cmw4

please help me …

if possible ask a more detailed installation

Thank you very much

logan - December 21, 2011

hey..actually i hav galaxy ace version 2.3.4 XXKPH..how can i upgrade to ICE ROM..acually wat all i have to install..plz can u tell me the full steps..WAT all i have to install coz i have not installed anythin which s give above..plzz help me out me..tell me the clear steps..im confused here..
thanks in advance..waittin for ur reply..

ejmocampo - December 22, 2011

its working.. no hang

mike - December 23, 2011

where can i find ics1.2Grif_07

vijay - January 1, 2012

Thanks for posting guide for installing icecream sunday. Its really amzing….. and i love my galaxy ACE now… it so fast now… with lots of features…

one BIG thing i am getting problem in is,

how to change the ring tone ??? , there is no option in settings to select any song, also the music player does not give option to set as ringtone….

Please help regarding the ring tone issue…

    Varun Surana - January 13, 2012

    @ vijay: willlll u plss send me this ROM’S zip file… wen I went to the xda thread it is deleted… plssssssss send me my email id is surana.varun400@gmail.com400

Sunil - January 5, 2012


I am very thankfull for providing such a fastest custom ROM . It is working faster than ever..however i want to ask one question.Currently my phone’s CPU cycle is 800 Mhz.Does this harm my set i mean like now there is no problem at all;no bootloop no heating ..will this range of overclocking harm my set in future..plz ans
and also if i want to flash ginercruzt ROM in this Icecream
sunday flashed ROM ,will i have to turn back to Version 2.3.4 or can i directly go for it..
Thanks in advance.

dafels301 - February 6, 2012

thank you dude you are tha man

PJ - March 5, 2012

Hey people,
m not able to configure gmail on my samsung galaxy ace..everytime i try to do it..it says “Can’t establish a reliable data connection to the server”.. why is it so.. somebody plzz help..i m stuck on this since long..

Sean - March 23, 2012

This isn’t even ICS, it is 2.3.7


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