14 Icon Search Engines To Find Icons Which Google Images Cannot Find

Google Image search is the place where most of you might be looking for icons. You may get somewhat fair results but remember it is a IMAGE search and not a ICON search. To get the accurate and compatible icon sets, you need a dedicated Icon search Engine.

Some people are artistic in nature and emphasize on visual appearance of Desktop. And to do that, they change Theme, Wallpaper and Icons to give completely a new look. May be it is a Chat/IM Messenger or Folders or Drives or an operation like Cut Copy Paste. If you want to move out of the default look, Icons must be changed.

This article will be of little help to such users as I list some Icon search engines to find Icons for Software Applications, Desktop themes and much more.

Downloaded icons are compatible with Windows, Linux and Macintosh. If you don’t want to do it manually, you can use tools like Icons Replacer or integrate change icon option on right click using FolderIco.

Click on the name of the website to open search Engine. Just type the keyword like “Games”, “Social Media tool” or “Media Files” to find icons.

All icons are available in ICO, ICNS as well as PNG format and at least four sizes (256×256, 96×96, 64×64 and 48×48)

1. Icon Finder

Icon Finder

2. FindIcons

Find Icons

3. Mr. Icons

Mr. Icons

4. Iconlet


5. Icon scan

Scan Icons

6. Iconspedia


7. Iconizer


8. Very Icon

Very Icon

9. Icon Library

Icon Library

10. Icon Seeker

Icon Seeker

11. Icons Search

Icon Search

12. Free We Icons

Free Icons Web

13. We Love Icons

We Love Icons

14. Icon Archive

Icon Archive

Hope these options help you find the perfect icon for Windows theme or your next Design project. Windows user can also change the folder background too along with the icons.

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rakesh - November 27, 2012

I was only aware with Icon Finder. Thanks to let me know more…

Ankur Mhatre - November 28, 2012

I am also aware of Icon Finder only. Anyways can you cover sites for royalty free fonts?


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