Tweak All Shortcomings of Internet Explorer 9 with IE9 Tweaker Plus

Internet Explorer 9 is indeed Beauty of the Web but it lacks some important tweaks. Sooner or later one need to tweak IE9 to overcome all its short comings. Editing the registry is always an option but its way to messy, now using IE9 Tweaker you can do all the trick in the blink of an eye.

IE9 Tweaker Plus from the Windows Club allow you to customize around 27 settings in Internet Explorer 9

List of all the tweaks in Internet Explorer 9

ie9 tweaker

Security Tweaks:

  • Disable Internet Options
  • Disable Menu Bar
  • Disable Command Bar
  • Disable Links bar
  • Disable Favorites
  • Fix savings passwords issue
  • Disable full-screen
  • Disable RSS feeds pane
  • Disable Windows Search – web history indexing
  • Set InPrivate Home page
  • Create InPrivate Desktop Shortcut
  • Create InPrivate Start Menu shortcut

Appearance Tweaks:

  • Show/Lock Menu Bar
  • Show/Lock Command Bar
  • Show/Lock Links Bar
  • Show/Hide Status Bar
  • Show large/small icons
  • Toggle 3D border
  • Use Clear Type fonts
  • Toggle Caret Browsing
  • Always start in full screen
  • Tweak maximum connections and downloads
  • Set maximum rows on New Tab page: 2 to 5

Apart from all the tweaks mentioned above you can also create a custom home page using the Home Page Maker module.

Download IE9 Tweaker Plus

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Tarik - April 2, 2011

Hey, can you write a bit on the custom homepage option. Its bit complex and changes are not taking place.
Have you tried this application on your system?

    Rohit Langde - April 3, 2011

    Ofcourse Tarik,
    Enter Name and URL then press Add.
    Background can be solid color or Image and Search Box is optional.
    Preview is shown below as you go on customizing. When you are done with it, press Create. That’s all.

    Open Internet Explorer and you will see the new Homepage.

    Note: Run IE9 Tweaker as Administration.

    Ashish Mundhra - April 3, 2011

    I have tried this application and its working perfectly. Yes indeed you need to run the program as administrator and follow the steps Rohit has mentioned.

Usman - April 5, 2011

Thanks for the IE9 tweaks plugin. I use Mozilla Firefox it is very good and friendly web browser

Dheeraj - June 8, 2011

Its very complicated to understand why Microsoft is Not resolving CSS rendering issues. May be this is starting of end of Internet explorer!

Dorota - July 25, 2013

Thank you so much for this artecli, it saved me time!


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